180 BABY!! WARMTH TO SNOW – SAY WHAT?? = 180 baby!!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno February 6, 2017 20:50


All I can say is WOW!!

Last week’s post I was so down and ready to throw in the towel but I said I’d give it until the end of this week and MADONNEEE – we have a comeback baby – I hate to say like the Pat’s (I hate those lying cheating New England Punk!!)

WE have and I mean this a 180 in the pattern coming up that could make all this horrible warmth and distant memory IF it can come together.

First up:


Freezing Rain Advisory – Western Passaic, Sussex, Warren Counties’ into Orange and Putnam etc. – about a 1/10th of an inch is possible overnight and this will make driving up there dangerous. Delayed and possible closing of escuala possibly to likely!


WED Night into Thursday – SNOWSTORM

This would be for the entire NYC Metro area – right now seeing 4” plus (4-8” range possible) with LI seeing the upper range to this and NNJ seeing the 4-6” range with NYC seeing the 5-7” range.  Again at this time BUT it could be what we call a Godzilla Storm (12” plus) potential! Talk about crazy but we have seen this 2z before on the Superbowl where we will see 50 maybe even 60 degree temps on Wed only to wake up to a snowstorm on Thursday. Timing is everything right? Meeting your dream man/woman, hitting the lottery, missing an accident, getting a flizzard or a blizzard all the same here hahahaah!! It will come in LATE wed night – may start as rain but MOMMA MIA it will switch very quickly over to snow and snow through the AM to midafternoon.  Morning rush hour a mess and schools will have to close if this all comes to fruition – I love to hear me principal’s voice at night when a snowstorm is coming!!

MAPS below

Precipitation Liquid Form – .5″ – .75″ – 10:1 snow ratios – 6″ plus


Then an arctic front swings in and MINGA it gets cold down to the teens possible single digits Friday night and maybe more light snow with a light accumulation (Coating to 2”) is possible Saturday.

I am watching the 15-17th time frame for what could be a BIG Coastal and again the 22-25th time frame. IF this latter storm comes in around the 25th then we have a full moon at play and storms mysteriously go haywire like children of the moon when this occurs!!!

I will now more when the energy comes onshore for the 12Z noonish model runs tomorrow. The NAM suite is leading the way along with the Axis – Germans and Japanese models.


Updates to come but get ready peeps white gold is coming back – Snowy is pissed about Heat Miser and says take that bro!!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno February 6, 2017 20:50

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