Al Mugno
By Al Mugno December 16, 2016 15:26


Okay remember I said we had to watch this timeframe for a storm and……………….I watched it is coming to fruition – don’t believe the media we in NNJ and NWNJ are in for our first winter storm (moderate) since 2013.

Polar Vortex is on the depart and he did his work – damage reached only 12* not the single digits but can’t cry over this for sure and wind chills hit the zero  to negative  5 range not quite as cold as expected BUT this cold air will hang around till tomorrow midday.

In a nutshell we have a snowstorm moving in around midnightish and lasting through midday tomorrow:


BARNEY ANYONE????? WTH have yuo lost yuor mind – Nope look below and you’ll see what teh Al Q is talkin’ here!

Snowfall 4-6” NNJ, LHV and NW NJ 4-7”, NYC Metro 2-4” and LI same

The purple is what I yearn for his time of year – WOOP WOOP!

Ice Ice baby – say what? Yup we will transition over to ice around 10amish and we could see .25” of ice which will cause a very dangerous situation if it does indeed happen. If we do not flip due to what is called a Meoscale Low pressure system that will form South of LI THEN we will have more snow or the upper end of the range.

ICE YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!

After midday we warm up to around 35 degrees and are around 40’s Sunday BUT another  round of cold air comes in and we have rain to Snow again Sunday night between 5ish and 8ish – this could cause some feezing of the wet spots maybe a minor accumulation – needs to be watched – areas N and W may see a flash freeze – i’ll keep an eye out for ya, heck I ALWAYS DO!!

My buddy Lyncher told me that I HAVE to bring home the white gold goods for xmass – I am trying like a banchee to do so and may be able to pull it off for the 23rd – close needs some work but we’ll sure as heck try!!


Anyway be careful if you venture out tomorrow morning – my suggestion – don’t do it stay home and help me celebrate my 3? Bday – HAHAAHAHA – by enjoying nature’s beauty – SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT : AS I finish writing models are coming in colder and showing the Meoscale LP – IF this does happen then NYC can see3-5″ and NNJ goes to 4/5-7″ and we may have WSW posted (Winter Storm Warnings!!)

Why not last night -ugghhhhhhhhhh!!!

Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno December 16, 2016 15:26

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