April Showers, Cold, Warm then……………………

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno April 7, 2015 17:08


Well that front that the Gfs was  modeling for snow and stormy weather this past Easter weekend did not come to fruition , thanks be to God! Listen, I love snow like you can’t tell by my past posts here and before this for those of you who were part of my email blasts. I am always up for a snow but even for this die hard it was getting rough and to be a grind. I do not know how they do this in the frozen tundra of Russia. I am guessing Vodka gets them through it, no? Anyway, don’t tell the boys on my board, they’ll shun me for saying this about the snow!! Yes, we are officially are out of the woods for snow and that wintry weather! I hear the choirs of angels singin’, Elizabeth is that you? I’m coming Elizabeth (Red Fox on Sanford and Sons anyone? )


Not that I am telling you anything earth shattering here or that you do not already know by looking out your window but fact being we have a big trough that is going to hang out over the northeast. It will hang here  until Saturday and then we will finally get to some nice weather but that will not be long lasting.

As I said in my earlier posts that we are going to have these back door cold fronts swing in here from that cold air still up in SE Candada and Maine. This will take some time before it moderates and or these cold fronts moderate as they come south. Also, the ocean temps are in the upper 30’s and it will take some time before they moderate too. Any winds off the ocean S or SE winds will be brutal along the coast. We can see temperature differences ranging in the 15-20 degree area between coastal section as and inland areas. The difference in as little as 4-5 miles can be a 15 degree spread from say low 40’s at the shore to mid 50’s inland.

Rain and how much 1-1.25″ plus over these next couple of days – here it is


Once again Central and Southern NJ will get 2″ plus

Windy Friday afternoon peeps like this past Saturday. Broking and Abarella – hopefully the winds will be at your back to the short porch in your games Friday. looks like Wed and Thurs are going to be washouts baseball fans!

Now from Sunday moving forward we have a nice ridge setting up over the east coast as depicted by this weather map. This will allow temps to rise into the normal to above normal range until about April 20th when the trough is to come back with raw, cool, rainy condition.


Here is the trough – see all those blue lines over the NE – that means raw, cool, wet conditions that will last anywhere from 3-5 days.


That is enough for now peeps.


Cliff Notes: Cold next two days 40’s for high – do not go by Newark temps on this, we warm up and clear out this weekend into next week then it gets cool,raw and wet after that.


Al Q


Al Mugno
By Al Mugno April 7, 2015 17:08
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