COLD and WHITE GOLD, DELAY and Next Storm?

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno January 4, 2017 20:24


Arctic Cold

Arctic cold for tomorrow morning through next week – Wed/Thursday maybe a bit longer. Bundle up peeps and get the firewood ready along with the extra blanket! IF we get a snow pack then we may see temps be 5-8 degrees possibly 10 degrees below what the forecasted temps are. So say the forecasted temperature is for Paramus 28 degrees with a snowpack of say 10” (I am wishing like no tomorrow!!) the temps would be about 22 degrees. Nighttime with clear skies and no wind whatcha baby temps will fall to single digits and below zero for the ruburbs!

Temps next few morning low 20’s to mid-teens!

Thurs Morning

Fri Morning


MON Morning woooooaaaahhhhh

Speaking of the wind here in H’dale has just gone from 10-12mph to gusts of 22 mph!! Temp hit a high of 48* and now it is 38* 10 degrees in 5 hours.


FRIDAY: Well I have not been around to post but in the mean time it happened for a reason since the storms, yes the plural, have been difficult to predict. The Friday system – well Thursday midnight ish to about 6-8 AM will bring a light accumulation to the NNJ/NYC Metro area in the likelihood of 1-3” and NYC  on east 2-3/4” as well as coastal NJ. May just may be able to get a delayed opening if the timing comes to fruition but that won’t be nailed down till tomorrow afternoon. This has gone from a zilch to a couple/few inches.

GFS says coating to 2″ – american mets are bias to this model – stupid GooFuS!!

The SREFS showing the precipitation – the snow ratios are 15/20:1 so if we get .15″ of liquid that will equate to 2″ or 3″


You are saying what is it AL Q right? Well we have the energy that is literally four days away and it is in sparce data regions – where – one out in the Eastern Pacific, one in the Arctic Circle. The one in the Arctic Circle is a YUUGGGEEE piece to this puzzle and the boards I am a member of (these guys and gals are awesome forecasters) really have no concrete idea as to this system. We have possible situations from zilch to a YUUGGE storm. Joe bastardy who I follow very closely says we see a phased storm that will be an I-95 one to remember type storm. I hope he is right.

So close so far need a 100 mile tick west or 150 and MADONNE we get bombed!! I can smell it like my grandma Zappile’s sauce outside her side door as she cooked in the basement!!


Another storm is possible the 12th to 15th time frame but we may have another MLK timeframe storm as well. The pattern if goes as progged will produce a storm in each time frame, yes IF!

Updates to come.


Al Q




Al Mugno
By Al Mugno January 4, 2017 20:24

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