DEPENDS ALERT, DEPENDS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!Much Needed Rain……….then Nice Weather for the remainder of week

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno May 31, 2015 13:46


Well, I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day vacation/weekend. The weather really cooperated, thank you Big Momma (Mother Nature that is!!). Cold start like I said with frost in the Ruburbs as I call them – needed the heat for those areas and then we heated up to A/C by Sunday into Monday. Ocean temps fagat about it – ain’t seeing 60’s for a couple weeks due to the cold winter – I know I know that was 2 months ago but it was freezing right through earl April – we need patience and it will come.

Today, Sunday through Tuesday we can see a lot of rain like 1-2″ plus for some of us here in NNJ and the LHV as well as NTC land. Speaking of NYC, what a frickin’ shame about our Blue shirts – big time fan here as is my family, just could not get er done. Would have been nice to see an original six Lord Stanley Finals. Wasn’t meant to be. But was it meant to be these next couple of days is RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets take a looky see at the maps…….

Through Tuesday folks – washout city in the making but we need it! That purpleish spot = 3″ of wetness – DEPENDS ALERT!!!!!!!

Enlarge this image

Severe Wx potential -1/2 of NNJ may see severe t-storms – RUH ROH SHAGGY!!!!!!

T- REX ALERT IS GOING TO BE POSTED!!! What is a T-REX alert you ask, well it is a severe thunderstorm that produces heavy rains like 1=” inches an hour, winds and gusts 30 mph +, loud rumbling thunder but most of all cloud to ground like that will make you change your Depends (Simonetti you old coot!)- hahahahaha!!!

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Then by Tuesday late morning we look to clear out and the weather becomes more tranquil and pleasant with low humidity and dew points and sunny conditions (well it is always sunny, think about that just the gray blah clouds block it out every now and then) room the said period until Saturdayish – a great stretch as modeled right now.

Here is the HRRR for today into tonight


For you who miss the winter – only 6 more months until we talk the talk – but lets looks at Bastan and the leftover snow piles or SNIRT PILES (Snow and Dirt words combined = SNIRT!!) Here is the article if you so choose to read but the picture below tells the story.

Nee said Friday that as the piles melt, they’ve revealed fire hydrants, parking meters and other items. But he says a lot of rotting garbage is still buried in the leftover snow.

Officials think the piles easily could last until the Fourth of July or longer.

Associated Press

AL Q  says to the bolded statement – MADONNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Mr. Nino Update

We still have warm SSTs over NE Pacific to support a -EPO. JMA forecast warm temps over Alaksa/Canada and cooler over CONUS for DJF:





Looks like another interesting winter could be setting up………… LONNNNNNNNNNGGGG WAYS TO GO!!

Lots of humid days for summer and temp hovering in the upper 80’s. Looks to be a  below normal tropical cyclone season but outlooks from the pros come out manana – this amateur sees a below normal season for the Atlantic but that does not mean no storms just lees than average – hey all we need is a Sandy like storm and all pooop will break loose!!  Less trop storms overall I am calling with a few making landfall along the east coast.


More to come but the tropical feel today will not be here tomorrow as the cold front sweeps thorugh and it is damp and chilly Monday.




Al Mugno
By Al Mugno May 31, 2015 13:46
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