Freeze/Frost, White Gold verify and now come the Arapahoes!!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno October 30, 2016 12:23


How about the white gold – was that a thing of nature’s beauty?? I reported snow, sleet and graupel which is a form of ice. Mr. Freeze and Frost paid us visits this past week – Wed, Thurs and Fri so what does this mean? It means the Native American Summer is coming – today along with Tuesday and Wednesday. Let’s all rejoice in this great weather today in which we may have a rumble or two of thunder this evening because a hemispherical change is on its way by mid-November as I have been posting in my last two posts.

High Point Sussex County NJ – WOWZA – ICE ICE BABYYYYYY!!

Looks like Jan not October


On another note let’s all pray for the my homeland they have been rocked by earthquakes these past few weeks and just now another 6 plus after shock – really?? Now, I have just read a article on how this seismic activity has led to the what are called high latitude volcanoes to vent, spew ash and gas and erupt. What can this cause down the road if we get a major eruption?? Well more cold come winter. Some are hypothesizing that this will lead to more blocking which will slow the flow down of our storms as well. Interesting information and I will be keeping an eye on this.

Halloween, breezy and chilly low to mid 50’s but will feel like the mid 40’s with the winds.

The Arapahoe’s  !!

Wed and Thurs will be warm – mid 60’s to possibly 70.

Then we will see a normal regime of temperatures for the days after Wed/Thursday and by the end of next week we may start to see colder air infiltrating (not like ISIS) into the area. After that we will see the propagation of the atmospherically changes of a normal to possibly colder regime of air that MAY bring more chances of wintry weather!!


Folks, my winter forecast will be out possibly next week Monday time frame but I can tell you this – get the firewood and thermals ready for December it is going to be a 180 from last year’s record breaking month.

Pretty tranquil week peeps.

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno October 30, 2016 12:23

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