HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!! Vitamin D here we come baby!! T – REX and #4???

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno June 20, 2016 20:09


Gorgeous weekend right peeps – AL Q doesn’t steer yuo wrong.  Told my boss Joe O that graduation night would be beautiful and it sure was. This weekend was a 10 for sure!!!

We made it to the longest day of the year where the sun never sets in the arctic circle region and it is light out above 40N parallel for 13 hours plus! Get out and enjoy it tonight cause each frickin’ day until the greatest season of the season happens – WINTER – we lose sunlight.

So as I wrote about last week, Where’s the heat?? Tomorrow is going to be uncomfortable – humid and temps in the upper 80’s then we go to below normal to about normal – anyone see my experimental brain from Abby Normal?? Hahahahaha – Young Frankenstein – that will be temps up and down and the big cities will end up at normal or just above whilst the burbs and ruburbs will be below normal to just about normal as I predicted a month ago in the summer outlook.



Here is where we are at the 500mb level – see that blue that is bn temps and it just fringes our area

GSF says here’s the heat only 5-10  days away – hmm sounds so famaliar! We call this fantasy range!

There looks to be a convective days of storm Thursday morning, T-Rex type peeps – could be pretty bad if it comes together and may be NNJ up North, city may be just south of this.


Here is Tuesday for some showers




12K NAM  which is usually better at these meoscale events





OOOPS I mean this map below but you get the idea hahahaha!!




#4 you ask – Yes tropical cyclone #4 in the western Gulf of Mehico that will be nothing for the states and will be a minimal trop storm affecting the Mehico coast about 200 miles South of Galveston.  It is only June and we have had four trop cyclones so far – it will calm down and refire come mid-August time frame and then we have to watch to see cause it may get very active from mid-August to late October!


Now for the future, the up welling along the coast is impressive and with a Southerly;y  to South Easterly wind the next few days as progeny will keep temps lower especially with in 15-20 miles of the coast and a very pleasant seas breeze will be felt.

Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize

Gfs has a tropical  cyclone at its end slamming into New Orleans area – oh boy! Fireworks for sure if this comes to fruition on this great lands birthday

Okay peeps so enjoy the Summer Solstice which rang in here at 6:34 PM and will last until Sept 21st- ahh once school starts summer is over – lest be for real.
Enjoy it get your vitamin D and have one of these
a watermelon passion punch baby – YUM YUM!!!!!
Updates to come.



Al Mugno
By Al Mugno June 20, 2016 20:09
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