Hendrix, KC (HEAT MISER), CUT ME MICK and then……………….

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno December 11, 2015 16:19


Mr. Nino is going to pump the SE ridge and bring in some very warm and insanely above normal temps this weekend into Monday. Hendrix in the title means 60’s for NNJ and KC meaning KC and the Sunshine Band from the 70’s yeas it may be a possibility on Sunday for urban areas like NYC and Newark to hit these spring like temps – a big YUCCKKKKKKKK!!

CUT ME  MICK – We have a series of what are cutters – storms that CUT through the Midwest and into the Great lakes region – we are on the warm side of these so we rain BUT they do deepen and as they move NE they pull down cold air which we could start to see by the latter part of next week- just in time for WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!


#2 does not affect us but  allows cold air to be pulled down on the backside



The bigger picture:



Then we have the possibility of white gold come next weekend and a series of storms that follow – could be rain to snow or snow showers at the end DEC 18th – one day off AL Q’s special day:


then white xmass miracle – thing get might interesting peeps – not sold on this give us a 10-20% chance but this is ions away in the weather world:


There are major changes happening in our fluid above our heads called the atmosphere. The evolution of the winter pattern is taking shape – we have what is called a sudden stratospheric warming that takes place thousands of feet above the earth’s surface. This will eventually help break or dislodge the Polar Vortex and open the flood gates for cold air to pour into the North east and central plains.  The changes are for the good for our winter. Things are taking shape and we need patience – we will be paid off handsomely come mid Jan to Mid March – just like I have been saying since my winter outlook.

Get out the shorts and tank tops and baby oil if you want to get a tan in December.

Have a great day and weekend.


Al Q








Al Mugno
By Al Mugno December 11, 2015 16:19
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