ICE – Freezing Rain Advisory Tuesday Morning then more…………

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno January 16, 2017 21:39


For January 7th last Saturday’s snowstorm who’s your daddy? We accumulated 4.0 “of White Gold baby and who made the call?? HMMMM….. ME THIS GUYS WRITING ALL OF YOU THAT’S RIGHT!!  Who BLEW THE CALL HMMMMM……………………….NWS and PRO METS per chance?! NYC recorded  7” not 5.1” recorded by the idiot in Central Park who stopped measuring at 4PM when it snowed to 8PM. Give me a break get it right over there.

I apologize for this Saturday’s Fopa on me part. I saw it coming and posted on the three forums I am on but never got to send out a blog to you, my sincere apologies. Recorded another 1” of white gold unexpectedly – well not really I knew it was coming but LOTS did not see it coming until too late.

And guess what; let’s make it three Saturdays in arrow right? Sure why the heck not. We may have snow showers this Saturday as well with a coating possible.

ICE ICE BABY – Tuesday Morning

Tomorrow morning in Western Passaic County Morris, Warren, Hunterdon and Sussex Counties’ as well – Freezing Rain Advisory is up for you folks starting at about 4am and lasting till 10 -11AM – I can see many delayed school openings and possible closures in these regions with a few hundredths of an inch accumulation. Nothing like the Midwest just experienced peeps.

May see a little bit of ice in Western Bergen and Rockland Counties but not enough for a delayed boo frickin hoo!!


Those traveling tomorrow be careful in these areas please.

There is a MAJOR and I mean MAJOR Winter pattern change that will last through mid-February or possibly early March at this time. You are hearing it here first I am sure. Look the January Thaw is going to be in place until next the 24th with a break this weekend where it will be normal temps wise = cold. We may have a major storm next Monday/Tuesday time frame and then the pattern and our weather goes boom. You have to set the pattern up for snowstorms noticed the plural and this is going to be the case here too. There will be a few snowstorm chances during the time frame of 1-25 through 2-2 and again from 2-8 through 2-14. IF we get a Polar Vortex split in February which has been forecasted several times this year may FINALLY happen. IF it does then we will be in the freezer from the end of January through early maybe mid-March. Time will tell but it is looking fairly promising at this time.


This February could rival 1978, 1993 and 2015 Februaries – much below normal temps and above normal snowfall.

More to come on this but we are going to push Heat Miser back to the tropics. A crazy global model run happened today that showed snow yes snow near the Yucatan Peninsula for the end of January absolutely insane if it were to occur!!



Updates to come.



Al Mugno
By Al Mugno January 16, 2017 21:39

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