Matthew – FLA to SC, not here – ugghhhh!!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno October 5, 2016 18:40


My boy was all primed and ready to come to pappa and ride teh coast. As of Monday late night and Tuesday morning the models were showing a serious track for us up here with a strong Cat 1 or 2 Hcane riding up the coast and making landfall somewhere on Long Island – Central. Then at the noon model runs there was an abrupt change and something I do not know I have ever seen or may ever see again – who remembers this

(lightening loops at Great Adventure – not six flags peeps but good ‘ol Great Adventure in the sticks of Central Nj back then.)

His latest track is this


M on this map = MAJOR Hurricane – a Cat 3 or greater – god help the coast of FLAN and GA as well as SC. It it forecasted to then return back towards the bahamas and Fla for a second go round – remember this scene??


This will be Florida’s more so the Broward County region – West Palm beach to about Cape Canaveral.


What happened – two thing the WAR flexed its muscles big time and a little turd of a system went under the NPAC block into the baja region of Cali (the screw things up once again those Californians) that pumped a ridge over Texas killing the trough that was trying to dig in teh breadbasket of AMerica and pull matthew North so he can come see his Father!


From SROC on my wNJ Strong Wx Forum – smart guy and is a good looking guy –  looks likes me –  blahhahaha!!


See the WAR blocked Matthew and the ULL along with trough put the deadly  kibosh on him so he is trapped in the South.


Can he get far enough North to effect us – answer is sadly no – look the weather has been boring up here since the blizzard. Anyway we may get some rains from him if he can get further North which would help our drought.


So FLA to SC gets whacked Friday and thru Saturday and the pictures of the evacuation are crazy – I 95 both lanes heading North – reminds me of Katrina – DO NOT TRY TO RIDE THIS OUT IF YOU ARE NEAR THE WATER – YOU WILL PERISH – 125 MPH WINDS AND A STORM SURGE OF 12-16′ AT THIS TIME IS VERY DANGEROUS!!

Have a great night and updates to come.


Al Q




Al Mugno
By Al Mugno October 5, 2016 18:40

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