NEVER FORGET!! Oh Bermuda, Tropics and Preliminary Winter Forecast

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno September 11, 2016 09:08

NEVER FORGET!! Oh Bermuda, Tropics and Preliminary Winter Forecast


On this 15th anniversary of the most horrific terror attacks on American soil – look at terroristic attacks are horrific lets be real they are brutal – we remember all of those on that day who perished and since then as well.  Oh, and don’t tell me that that dust storm that engulf lower Manhattan that day wasn’t full of toxins and the air was safe to breath – a building built in the 60’s and 70’s sued asbestos – I had a behind the scenes tour these buildings w in 1988 in college and all this was pointed out as I witnessed/observed how the massive steel beams were sprayed with a coating that was all asbestos.

Onto this day. We all have stories as to where we were when this occurred and the ensuing details of the day. It was so surreal for all and two remembrances of this day I will share – the first being teaching my Technical Drawing I students in my old drafting room and I was in the hall as teh bell rang talking to a teacher and I always have my 1981 York all in one stereo on. As I walked into my room I shut he radio off and in my most enthusiastic manner started to teach and my students all look at me with a stare of shock. Right that moment another teacher one of dept. peers walked in and said a plane went into the Twin Towers and they are saying we are under attack. I then turned my radio back on and listened with my students – it was as quiet as a monastery! I then called on my classroom phone to the main office and requested that I speak with teh principal Dr. Musco – he is in meeting I was told by hi secretary and they put me through to our vp who I said “Do you know what is going on with the planes flying into the WTC and they are saying we are under attack? A few minutes later we were on a school wide lock down and the horror began as we heard on teh radio each tower collapse and the Pentagon get hit. For that two hour plus we were on lockdown it was like time stood still.

My second remembrance was being out on the soccer field coaching, they wanted us to make things as normal as possible – yeah like anything was normal after 8:30AM that day!! It was 4PM and we were doing a drill when all of sudden there was loud roar and when we all looked up we saw two jet fighters streaking overhead and make a hard left turn towards NYC. We saw them turn on their afterburners and head right for NYC which is SW of our school – you heard every whistle from every coach on the field – Field Hockey, Girls and Boys Soccer teams, Football and then a mass exit off the fields. All the coaches were looking at each other and saying WTH was that, and we all left school in a hurry to be with our families.



What him say this for (stealing this line from my Bulgarian friend who is a genius at all mechanical devices, Petar)? Well I have been harping on the Bermuda High (BH) doing its dirty work and have said that this type of weather will last into fall – through Rocktober (October) and it is all because of the deep and strength of this BH. We will have cool downs as cold fronts start to sweep across the region and undercut this system but as we say in the means – math teachers know this term – it will be warm and days of humidity so don’t put that AC away just yet!! Maybe a protracted (SAT word here peeps!) period of above normal temps mid 80’s to around 90 for teh foreseeable future after these cool down periods relax. These periods will last a couple days to possibly 3 but the BH will then take over again. Shore weather through Rocktober is quite possible this year. Oh and this heat wave we just had was one of the hottest since 1914!!!




All those yellow arrows are showing waves of low pressure systems  that are aligned or training and ready to come west. Very impressive indeed and just because we reached teh peak of trop cyclone season yesterday doesn’t mean we are done or that it will diminish in fact int may be just the reverse. One thing that is troubling and that these systems have to fight is the Jekyll and Hyde BH – why you ask again? Because it is driving very dry air down into the Main development Region also known as the MDR which will dissipate or dry out these systems. The other issue with the BH is that if they survive this trek then they will be steered around this system towards the East Coast and Gulf States overall.

The brown colors on these maps show all the dry air and the blue green show all the moist water latent air.


Not much happening here right now

Preliminary Winter Forecast

From JB at WxBell – great sea surface temp look here with anomalous warm waters in the Alaskan region seas, warm Pacific – Indian Ocean cooling and a warm North Atlantic – this could be very interesting if it



Temperatures – WOOAHHHHHH NELLLLIE!!!! Start splitting the firewood, buying electric blankys, and rollin’ the papers into logs (not the Denver garage roll!) Has a 14-15 winter look to it – remember that winter ? Or is AA – American Amnesia kickin’ in??

and the snow fall maps please…………………………….


Average Snowfall from my weather weenie guru expert friend Tom Stavola


Euro Temp Forecast so far – good look it – see that blue over the GL region that will most likely spread SW and East in the coming months – it did this in 13-14 and 14-15 – so cold air with the blob in place as shown in the above map will be there.

So with an El Nino hangover and a Nina trying to make her way into the frat house the probabilities of having the above maps come to fruition for this winter remains to be seen but are gaining strength.


Oh an done last map here for your viewing pleasure – hahahahaha!!

Have a great day – Lets go Raiders and updates to come.


Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno September 11, 2016 09:08

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