NN, Oh Boy EC, Haa vy, Mr Frosty??

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno August 29, 2017 15:54


No Name Storm

Hmmm I ask if the National Hurricane Center puts out a tropical storm warning for NC and into Va Stateline but doesn’t give the storm a name (who would want Irma anyway what the H kind of name is this? Irma’s of the world don’t go on social media and bash me just pointing this out LOL! So the No Name storm has trop force winds over 35 knots, pressure at 995 mb and heavy tropical rains but is not totally warm core so they don’t name it but rather call it a hybrid storm – last one they did this with was…………………………………… her

Image result for sandy from spongebob


NN = No Name went more south and east but we still felt some effect in NNJ – raw, rainy and at times breezy, Jersey shore on the other hand has  windy conditions and lots of rain as well as rough seas.

OMG don’t look now but Texas could be under the gun again. No not from Harvey but from another trop system.

And the set up on the CMC, GFS and EURO are going to put the folks on the East Coast in a state of holding their breath. Why you ask well they are showing what I made mention yesterday in my post a strong or Major H’cane effecting the Eastern Seaboard. Here is the setup, can it change – of course it is the weather, will it? Time will tell.



Haa vy

This guy doesn’t want to quit now he is back over the Gulf of Mehico intensifying to a stranger Trop Storm and casuing back bay flooding of Galvaston, Texas and inundating Eastern Texas and SW/Western La (Bayouuuuuu as they ssay!)

Rainfall amounts are unreal absolutely jaw dropping!

Water going over and around the dam, this is not good and can be disastrous if action is not taken. Corps said it could be this way for 2 weeks – WTH??

He will pay us a visit Saturday late evening into Sunday morning/afternoon as models are now indicating both the GSF and EURO show this. Won’t have the punch not near the Tyson upper cut that knocked out Bone Crusher Smith in the first 35 seconds of his fight for the heavyweight championship back in the day but will bring rains.

Mr. Frosty – SAY WHATTT??

HAHAHAHAHAHA – he is going to pay a visit to the folks in Norther NY State – Finger Lakes on North. UHI (Urban Heat Island) will protect the NYC Metro from such and temp will hit the mid 50’s but NWNJ and EPA and LHV as well as Northern Passaic and Western Bergen will be huddled by the fire pit keeping warm as temp fall into the mid to low 40’s – WOO HOOO!!


Updates to come.


Al Q


Al Mugno
By Al Mugno August 29, 2017 15:54

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