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Rocktober, Fall, Seismic Activity NONE, Heat Transfer

Rocktober, Fall, Seismic Activity NONE, Heat Transfer

🕔12:23, 1.Oct 2017

Peeps, Been a few days (14 to be exact!!)but have no fear Al Q is still here!!!!! HAHAHA like that rhyme?? Seismic Activity Since we are in the realm of heading to what is termed a solar minimum (when the

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JOSE – WESTWARD HO!! MARIA beats Lee to the 1-2 punch!

🕔13:21, 17.Sep 2017

Peeps,Peeps, WHICH WAY JOSE? Westward Ho? Didn’t I say the next 36 hours will tell – well we are about 24 hours into this time frame. Time for ya’ll shore folks to get ready, yes prepare please. His position is

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Which Way Jose?? Maria and Lee, First Snow Map LOL!

🕔10:33, 16.Sep 2017

Peeps, WHICH WAY  JOSE??? EAST, WEST?? A headache for his track! The hcane hunters are flying into Jose as we speak to get new fresh on the level data so we can start to figure out his track better. Models

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🕔20:25, 14.Sep 2017

Peeps, NO WAY JOSE may turn into OH SHT…………………………….. JOSE!!!!!!!!!!! He is only 6 days away now! It is trending west peeps and it is getting concerning at this time because it is 6 days away not 8 or 10.

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🕔21:19, 12.Sep 2017

Peeps, Irma or Irmagedon!! She left a trail of massive destruction in the Caribbean Leeward Islands, Us and British Virgin Islands, PR,  Cooba and up through Florida and into Georgia. Billions of dollars and tore apart the infrastructure. Over 1500

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Battin’ Down the Hatches, NAM Punked, Lee

🕔11:50, 8.Sep 2017

Peeps, NAM Punked – stupid model! The North American Model has a wonky run last night but it did cause a stir in the Wx community. We are not going to see effects from here at this time wheew in

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Catastrophic Hcane?and Insult to Devastation!!!

🕔22:52, 7.Sep 2017

Peeps,   Sorry for teh late issue but got home late from my back to school night where I work. This will save FLA if true – WOW!!! Just came in. Needs support from other models but peeked my interest.

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Haa vy, Irma, Petro, Rain

🕔18:41, 4.Sep 2017

Peeps, Haa vy Well he came into town Saturday night and left town yesterday dropping about 1” of rain on us and 1.25” in some other places. Haa vy is history for us know and his name is being retired

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Gasoline Prices, Irma (Finally!), Insult to Injury, Haa vy (still)

🕔20:37, 30.Aug 2017

Peeps, Gasoline Prices What a joke here peeps what am I referring to? Gasoline prices last nigh were st to go up .10 cents a gallon today and now possibly >25 more cents a gallon. Why? the massive flooding in

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NN, Oh Boy EC, Haa vy, Mr Frosty??

🕔15:54, 29.Aug 2017

PEEPS, No Name Storm Hmmm I ask if the National Hurricane Center puts out a tropical storm warning for NC and into Va Stateline but doesn’t give the storm a name (who would want Irma anyway what the H kind

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