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The aftermath, close one now!

The aftermath, close one now!

🕔14:23, 26.Aug 2017

From my last post: HAA VY as they would say in Bed Stye New York (have to say it with hat accent to get the full effect!) He is going to possibly go down in the record books for the

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Haa vy, Irma?

🕔20:54, 24.Aug 2017

Peeps, HAA VY as they would say in Bed Stye New York (have to say it with hat accent to get the full effect!) He is going to possibly go down in the record books for the worst flooding by

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🕔16:46, 23.Aug 2017

Peeps, Dog Days BYE BYE! Well the dog days of summer really were doggin’ us these last number of days. That Bermuda High was flexing its muscle like I said it would. Now, well it gets beaten back as a

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Summer Lovin’, Solar & Eclipse, H’canessssssss, Winter 2017-18

🕔19:43, 14.Aug 2017

Peeps, Summer Lovin’! Is it over?? Well, one LR forecast company says it’s over. JB and others say not so fast that the Bermuda high and warm waters of the Atlantic will keep summer going into mid to late September. 

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Reflect, T – Rex, WOOF WOOF, H’Cane Update – update

🕔10:59, 3.Aug 2017

Peeps, First issues uploading pictures – only was able to do one, very poor connection from my locale. My apologies. REFLECT Remember this from last week’s post?? Frye, Frye, Buehler???? Helloooooo……. Nor’easter – IN JULY?? “What this will depend on

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Update on Nor’easter – more South than North

🕔10:00, 28.Jul 2017

Peeps, From last nights post/blog: “What this will depend on is the position of the High Pressure system that will be setting up shop in the NE – if it sets up in SE Canada then from DC to Poughkeepsie

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Nor’Easter in JULY???, H’cane Update and Aug Outlook

🕔19:48, 27.Jul 2017

Peeps, Just got in a from a family vacay to the Cape. Drove up in the driving rainstorm Monday. That was probably the top 5 worst drives of my life, here is the order if you care – 1996 blizzard

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Exact, HH, Relief, Tropics, Weenies Dream, Eclipse

🕔14:59, 21.Jul 2017

Peeeeeeepppppsssssss, It has been a while since I last wrote, July 9th was my last post to be exact. Speaking of exact, I hate to be the bearer of such news today peeps BUT (everyone has one, they are all

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Roller coaster, August & A Train???? 2016-17 Snow Final Tally

🕔10:57, 9.Jul 2017

PEEEEPS, First of all, peeps Happy Belated Birthday America and her citizens!! The 241st bday was hopefully good for you as it was for me and me famalia. Weather held up for us this past week on this big day.

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HAPPY BELATED SUMMER, Cindy, Summer heat?

🕔11:32, 27.Jun 2017

Peeps,   First of all HAPPY SUMMER – we made it to the longest day of the year last week in the 21st – now we progressively lose daylight even though we don’t notice it until late July so ehh

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