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Tuesday Minimal not 2, Book End the Weekend? Hammer time!

Tuesday Minimal not 2, Book End the Weekend? Hammer time!

🕔20:49, 29.Jan 2018

Peeps, Well a shout out to one of my best friends, mentor and coach – literally, a brother in my eyes who has joined the Al Q weather weenie train – the legend and hall of fame coach – The

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Thaw, Two for Tuesday, February – Snow and Cold?

🕔20:32, 25.Jan 2018

Peeps, Been pretty quiet from my perspective but things are starting to heat up a bit. Here are the topics of talk in the weather world. THAW Well the thaw is upon us but not like we have seen the

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SNOW – Delayed or Closing?? Tis the question………

🕔20:57, 16.Jan 2018

Peeps, Well the question I have been asked ALL Day: Hey Mr. Mugno, AL Q we having school tomorrow? My answer has been at worst a delayed opening at best a day off. Schools in this area will wait till

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Snowstorm Midweek – YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!

🕔20:25, 15.Jan 2018

Peeps, Snowstorm Midweek It’s a coming and it is going to be good possibly great for those of us N& W of NYC   Here was the call last week in my blog on Jan 11th Midweek Snowstorm Potential Models

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Ice/Mix N&W Ruburbs, Big Chill Part 2, Midweek Snowstorm Potential, Thaw?

🕔20:12, 11.Jan 2018

Peeps, Ice/Mix It has not panned out as once foretasted for the 13-15th time frame as the models were showing last week BUT it has trended colder and if the storm came in here Saturday/Sunday as once forecasted then we

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ZR = WWA, 13-15th, Dec Recap

🕔15:39, 8.Jan 2018

Peeps, ZR = Freezing Rain which + a WWA – Winter Weather Advisory Winter Weather Advisory URGENT – WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service New York NY 254 PM EST Mon Jan 8 2018 CTZ005>012-NJZ004-006-103>108-NYZ068>075-078>081-176>179-090000- /O.NEW.KOKX.WW.Y.0002.180108T1954Z-180109T0000Z/ Northern Fairfield-Northern New Haven-Northern

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The Call, The Newspaper, The Big Chill and Ice Ice Baby

The Call, The Newspaper, The Big Chill and Ice Ice Baby

🕔10:46, 5.Jan 2018

Peeps, The Call: Not to bad by the AL Q I have to admit overall – recorded 7″ in my backyard, blizzard conditions, NYC and LI got crushed as did teh Jersey Shore – missed NW NJ but good for

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Get Ready – this is making a BIG/YUGGGGGE TURN………..

🕔13:28, 3.Jan 2018

Peeps,   We have what is being considered a cyclonic bomb out over the warm waters of the Hotlantic as I like to refer to this massive body of water as. What does this mean? It means a storm is

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Snow, Record Temps/Wind Chill, Frankie Says………………., Tribute

🕔19:22, 2.Jan 2018

Peeps, I am giving a quick write up here. Snow will start tomorrow night aorund 10 to 12PM from South to North in NJ and will come in around midnight 11PM in NYC. Totals – this is such a complex

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White New Years, Arcticgedon Full Force, Godzilla then a Relaxation??

🕔10:18, 28.Dec 2017

Peeps, Ho Ho Ho Merry Xmas!! And it was very merry for this guy right here!! Well besides wonderful gifts from my family – a toy truck, a new baseball glove, a set of flannel pajamas and…………………SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It snowed Xmas

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