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Taborasurus and T-REX coming to a town!!!!!!!!!

Taborasurus and T-REX coming to a town!!!!!!!!!

🕔21:16, 8.Jul 2015

Peeps,   AS I stated a while ago, June 19th post that we are in this pattern where we will have increased potential for T-REX and the big cousin TABORASURUS coming to town tomorrow. Good T-REX  storms today – thunder

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🕔11:07, 3.Jul 2015

12z GFS still wet for tomorrow. About .50-.75″ of rain: Temps 70* – more like Memorial Day weather – jeez. Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize   Should clear out by evening

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HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! Looking ahead, Nino………….

🕔15:15, 2.Jul 2015

Peeps, The last blog I wrote was actually not on June 19th but last Tuesday June 24th but it did not save – technological errors!  In that post I was discussing the upcoming severe weather threats and as i stated from

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Bill is going to Rain on Father’s Day!

🕔08:15, 19.Jun 2015

Peeps, Trop Storm Bill’s remnants are coming and going to rain from Saturday late afternoon/evening  until mid afternoon Sunday. he will bring with him the tropical moisture and humidity  – lovely for my hair on my and many other’s special

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TS Bill has formed

🕔11:32, 16.Jun 2015

Here you go peeps Trop storm duece, This is from “Storm” Walsh  – guy is great. Our second storm of the season is about to make landfall near the Port Lavaca area.  Albeit the NHC advisory indicates later this morning,

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Bill?? Severe Weather next week………Putrid Humidity

🕔19:42, 15.Jun 2015

Peeps, As I said in my Summer Outlook (if you have not read it please take a minute or two or three to go over it since I will be referring to it this summer) that humid weather, the threat

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🕔16:56, 31.May 2015

PEEPS, HOLY Mother of Pearl we got crushed here in NNJ – 3.84″ so far at the AL Q weather station here in H’ Dale NJ!! Flooding is ridiculous – cloud to ground lightening intense and I know no kidding

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DEPENDS ALERT, DEPENDS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!Much Needed Rain……….then Nice Weather for the remainder of week

🕔13:46, 31.May 2015

Peeps, Well, I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day vacation/weekend. The weather really cooperated, thank you Big Momma (Mother Nature that is!!). Cold start like I said with frost in the Ruburbs as I call them – needed the

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COLD NIGHT, Glorious Weekend Incoming, then HEAT!!!

🕔17:10, 22.May 2015

Peeps, On this Friday afternoon, evening as some of you may be sitting in the parking lot of the Garden State Parkway making one’s way to the start of the summer at the shore – woop woop! Tonight – chilly

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Menza Menza then Get the Depends ready, what?

🕔14:14, 15.May 2015

Peeps, Well here we are in the middle of the month of May and we are 6-7 degrees above normal for this month and not a spec of rain to talk about or fall from the sky for that matter

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