Al Mugno
By Al Mugno November 28, 2016 21:05



In this latest edition of the AL Q Weather ongoing journal of weather for the NYC Metro, NNJ, LHV region we will be experiencing a drought helper in a big way. It from my boy Franky the P from the NJ Weather Strong Weather Forum:

7am Tuesday to 3-4am Wednesday is Wave 1

10am Wednesday to 7am Thursday is Wave 2

Wave 2 is the bigger wave with heavy rain probable!!

Maps are trending wetter with 2” plus like I said in yesterday’s post. This is good news for our soil moisture content and more so our reservoirs. This I a trend I want to see carry and progress through the winter months – we call it over performing.  Wetter is better I say and we shall see.




Solar/Siberian Express

The Coronal Holes in the sun as we head into the solar minimum is going to be facing space rather than Earth – great news because these geomagnetic storms cause havoc within our telecommunications but more so on our High Latitude patterns. Link to see for oneself  http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/gallery/potw/item/760?linkId=31663608

Solar is really quieting down and this can then be extrapolated to more high latitude blocking and a weaker polar vortex state which will equal more cold and some really ridiculous cold – teeth chattering, spit freezing say what ?? YUP these maps come to fruition we may see such. What we are going to experience is what has been termed the Bathtub Slosh Effect – what happens in Siberia will happen on the other side of the globe about 6 – 8 weeks later.

Green and purples are -20 to -30 degree below normal – whatcha that’s cold!!



Follow the purple, red and yellow jet streak around teh globe but more so from the top left – extremely cold air from Siberia and follow that path to where – our back yard muhahahahaha!!!


This is what is being forecasted for the 2nd week of December – MADONNE cold for the NW CONUS and Northern Tier – this is what the Mongols had to deal with and Siberia in November. You will hear this – the Polar Vortex is in a weakened state so it will be shoved around. We have a huge reflective effect (albedo) of the deep Siberian and expansive snow pack above 60N and this is return is heating up the atmosphere up there causing this to be displaced and possibly split. – If it does the split will happen sometime in January which would be explosive for cold to infiltrate down. If it sets up over the Hudson Bay western n shores than watch out, stop the presses peeps cause we may see cold that will rival last year’s record cold snap. I am getting ahead of me self here.

The cold comes first then the WHITE GOLD!!

Dec 5th Sunday into Monday we may just may see our first accumulating snows in the NYC metro area – N&W should see their 3rd – 4th one. The 5th to 12th time frame looks to be quite interesting for a stormy pattern looks to be setting up. This is a mean – math folk you know what this is if not look er up sorry!! ABout 3″ for the area more N&W  between Dec 3rd and the 12th – hope it comes to fruition.



Get the wet gear out and then the thermals – woop woop!!



Al Mugno
By Al Mugno November 28, 2016 21:05

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