Reflect, T – Rex, WOOF WOOF, H’Cane Update – update

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno August 3, 2017 10:59


First issues uploading pictures – only was able to do one, very poor connection from my locale. My apologies.


Remember this from last week’s post?? Frye, Frye, Buehler???? Helloooooo…….

Nor’easter – IN JULY??

“What this will depend on is the position of the High Pressure system that will be setting up shop in the NE – if it sets up in SE Canada then from DC to Poughkeepsie will see 2” plus, if it sets up shop in Albany we including NYC and NNJ will see nada.”

Well it came to fruition. SNJ got slammed with 3” plus of rain and flooding and coastal flooding and we had some wetness of about .10 – .25” in NNJ AND NADA in NW NJ from about Wanaque up and out.

Woof Woof!!!

We are in what is termed the dog days of summer and with the 90* temperature Monday for most – only 16 so far at Newark 17 at Teterboro. This time last year we were at 28 !!! The humidity levels the rest of this week it is sure going to feel like this dog days of summer that is. Along with this we have had my son’s childhood favorite dinosaur T Rex come to town. And he and maybe his big bro Tarbosaurus may pay a visit.

For those that don’t know T Rex means thunderstorms.


Tarbosaurus means severe t-storms with possible Tornados.

Tarby showed up in a few areas yesterday in NJ and EPA (Eastern Pennsylvania) with hail and wind damage.

Today later from about 2Pm and don we shall see scattered T Rex. Now Friday through Saturday we will see a cold front move like a turtle through the area bring us more showers and t-storms more region/area wide meaning Friday afternoon evening through Saturday evening looks to be wet and stormy. Sunday looks to be great and the temps hover around the 80* mark all next week. Then the Bermuda High looks to flex its muscle and bring us the warmth and humidity from the mid-month thorugh the end as is forecasted now.

H’cane update –  update

Last post writing

“As I said in my last update that we would be in a lull to the end of July and into the first week of August well a major what we call Kelvin Wave treped across the Pacific and into the Atlantic. Once it flies on through the shear will be low and the African Sahara dust will be lessened. The MDR (Main Development Region) is above normal water temperature wise and there is train of system marching across the African continent waiting and I mean just waiting to get to this region and dance into a cyclone. Will all of them do so – no way Jose! – but there is the possibility of a majority so what the h are you saying here? This in conjunction with a trough over the Midwest will allow some of these storm to come pay of a visit to the eastern seaboard peeps. So things will start to get active around August 5thish right on through the 20thish at this time.”


Today being the 3rd of the month and we have two feature we are watching – one in the Gulf of Mehico and one off the African coast that should develop into a trop cyclone in the next 48 hours. The African Dust is tempered; dry air is north or has lifted out of the MDR (Main Development Region) – runs from the African coast to the east of the Caribbean Sea. Some maps for your reading pleasure and leisure.

Those travelling into the Caribbean Region next week need to have a plan ready just in case and trust a weather source not the HMWB – “Hey Mon Weather Bureau” where the forecast is always rainbows and sun like the ganja they have morning, noon and night!!! (LOL)


Have a great day.


Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno August 3, 2017 10:59

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