Shiver me timbers!!More white gold………..

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno December 7, 2016 17:40


Light Accumulating snow again last night for NNJ and LHV third event since Turkey day snows.

Picture is from Northern rockland County on the PIP!

So far Sussex County NJ and Upper Passaic County NJ and areas in the LHV NY have about 8” on the year. I know what about my backyard – heck the coastal plain isn’t seeing snow until we get the cold air to stay here for a few days and even then it may be hard with this set up. We have storms that are cutting to our west – we need them to go to our east and south of our area as well to allow the cold air to drop in you know like your old uncle back in the day or da Fonz on Happy Days!

Oh and speaking of cold WOWZA is it going to get barbaric cold (for some) next week – especially in the Midwest – minus 40 plus below zero – YIKES!! We will see low temps in this NNJ,LHV region get down to the single digits next week and highs only in the teens to low 20’s. The weather models MAYBE underestimating the cold that is coming starting Friday through Dec 21 St.

Manana – Not bad


Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize


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Next week

READY ??????? I dont know if you arrrreeee??








High temps on December 15th

Enlarge this image


Possible Storm Tracks – would be mighty good if it verifies!

We will see snow chances absolutely and some may be moderate if not light 1-3” type of events. This cold will rival the 1983 arctic outbreak around xmass which I recall greatly it was 2* that morning in West Paterson.

Snow chances


14-20th time frame as well two in this time frame


Updates to come.


Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno December 7, 2016 17:40

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