Snowstorm possibility Thursday?

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno December 27, 2016 15:48



Here was Long Range forecast from my last post on the first day of winter 12-21

“Long Range – we look to go Normal to days of above Normal temps from about Xmass to New Years – 1st week of Jan and then we flip back – maybe sooner like the end of Dec (29-31st) so we’ll see. Could be a 2014 January and February if all goes well and my forecast will then verify!”

Well on this abnormally warm day as I said Heat Miser and Snowy would fight it out Snowy had Xmass night into Monday then Heat miser fought back and is now winning but going forward heat miser will be knocked down, not out but down and he will get back up but not to the extent we have today – thank God!

So far my total snow accumulations for the month of Dec is 4.5” normal for here with a few days left to go! That brings us to Thursday/Friday timeframe:

Possible Snowstorm N & W of NYC – suburbs to ruburbs – sorry coastal folks and NYC metro as well as LI since the air mass is not cold enough at this time. We have a storm that will cut into the great lakes and transfer it energy to the coast and form what we call a Miller B storm. As I write the Euro shows a storm that is about 3 hours late for giving us a widespread SECS (get your mind out of the bedroom! HAHA) Strong east Coast Storm is 6-11” If it is 6 hours earlier that we all do the SNOW dance region wide BUT as I see we are a tad too late as of now for this.

Okay, so what I am talking about snowfall wise – could be a coating to a few inches (C – 2/3”)in the NW Bergen County region into the LHV say from White plains North and NW NJ – Northern Passaic Sussex and Warren and Western Counties’ could see a few inches (2-5”) maybe 6” if all comes together for all areas. Thursday afternoon through night is when it shall occur. Interior New England – yes snow lovers – you will be kissing me BIG time (not the guys please!) cause they may see 6-16” MADONNE!!)


Then we go cold after the storm Friday and the weekend with a chance of snow showers Saturday evening.

A full blown cold pattern is incoming by about Jan 5th with the possibility of snow storms from say the 5th to the 20th. Using the Japan Storm theory an east coast storm should happen sometime around the 10-15th time frame – a major storm is hitting Japan and we extrapolate out 15-18 days which puts us in that time frame. Let’s see if this theory works!

Updates to come.


Al Mugno
By Al Mugno December 27, 2016 15:48

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