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By Al Mugno March 12, 2017 08:33





She (Winter Storm STELLA)  is a comin’ and wow we have been upgraded here in Bergen County to a Blizzard Watch for 12-18″ with NWS in Upton saying we will see most likely 17″

This is what the latest maps are showing snowfall wise and peeps as a True Weenie would do I stayed up till 1AM watching and interpreting each model that came in we went 6 for 6 with the Euro putting the cherry on top. BLIZZARD BABY!!


LUCK OF ME IRISH and PURPLE HAYES OR DEEP PURPLE that is over my house and school LOL!!


You like Orange you say okay then look at OH CANADA model!



Oh sorry neither of these two you like.  Okay then lets look at the Euro  Model shall we for the nice Caribbean Sea Foam Green colors

If you did not go out yesterday like I told you too to get this:


then NUTS AND BOLTS yuo will be screwed!! The poop will hit the fan these next two days in supermarkets, gas stations, liquor stores etc and I had to fight off some silver heads driving my cart.

The HI RESOLUTION NAM or HI RES NAM is showing something we have not seen since the 1983 blizzard of snow fall rates in the 3-5″ per hour range for hours!! Also it is trying to close off the Upper Level low pressure  teh core of the storm – if it does that then we slow the storm considerable and rival the great 1996 blizzard if not top the King ( 1888 still ranks as top dog for NYC).





NNJ/NYC/LI – Blizzard conditions all day Tuesday as you go further west Sussex and Morris even Western Passaic these conditions are not as prevalent at this time but I have a strong feeling Western Passaic and Eastern Morris get a Blizzard Watch.

Timing: Monday night late around 10PM from South to North until Tuesday night possibly lingering effects through Wed mid afternoon with light snow

Duration: 18 -22 hours of snow plus

Amounts: Just look at the maps but 14-28″ plus

Drifting: Drifts as tall as 6′ maybe 8′

Winds: – 20 40 mph with gusts of 50 mph

Coast: Moderate Flooding & Beach Erosion

School Forecast – Tuesday off, Wednesday most likely too.

Again we have about 36 hours before we start with this storm so get prepared.

If this Upper Level Low Pressure closes off sooner south of LI or off the Jersey coast then MOMMA MIA we go after the KING!!!

NWS flew a mission last night in the Pacific to get soundings and readings (information) of this storm – they usually only do this for Hurricanes!! Thats how serious this is and will be!

This is what I have to share for now and we’ll continue to update as the information comes in.

Who want to do this again  next weekend????

Well models are hinting at another snowstorm LOL!!!

Updates to come.





Al Mugno
By Al Mugno March 12, 2017 08:33

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