SUPER MOON, Delayed Change but not Denied!! Nina, Siberia, Veterans

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno November 13, 2016 09:10


After a rather tranquil week we had our cold shot this weekend as I said we would. Not as cold as originally thought – upper 40’s yesterday about 5 degrees below normal and lows got down to 30* for me in H’dale NNJ. Sussex County and Upper Passaic County had readings in the 28* range so overall a good call. Today, Sunday it will be a nice fall day as will the next few days as we see above normal temps (55* normal for this time of year).



Left is the regular size moon we see to teh right half is the super moon!!

We will have a Super Moon affecting us, as it did last night and for the next few days and get out and see this – the last time we had a super moon was 1948!!!


Well, as Big Momma has shown that the supercomputers that help predict our weather – the most complex fluid on this spaceship we call earth – that she is in control. OUr pattern change to a more colder than normal and possible white gold scenario will not be happening as and many others thought wold be in mid November. Fine by me and I’d rather it come in midish (around the 8th time frame) so it can last through the holidays.

Next weekend and week of Turkey Day which is teh great American holiday it looks to be chilly with possibly some snow flakes flying around according to the latest model runs: Blue over the NE = colder temps a trough we call it. Colder in NYC than Denver by this map

We are officially in a Nina state which means what? We have to do anything special? No it isn’t another gas tax hike or this girl  – Nina Debrov

No no no though it would be nice – HAHAHAHA!!!

It means the equatorial pacific ocean is heading into a colder phase or state that will affect our weather pattern.  Right now we have a Polar Vortex that split and set up camp over in Siberia – the temps are bone chilling – literally – teh coldest temperatures ever recorded in this region since the late 1600’s mini ice age period from what I have researched – the cold encompasses what would be 3/4 of the US with minus 20-50 degree temps – talk about an ice box.

Will this be coming our way? You’ll have to read about this in my winter forecast which I am sprucing up today for my weenies!!

This is what  a NINA state means from NOAA but there are other variables that come into play for winter. Saying a weak nina through March.

The Ocean have cooled dramatically from the super nino and we are entering into two phases in the meteorological world – one a solar minimum and two cooling/colder oceans.  This will have an effect albeit profound on the temperature as we move through this phase that may last years. I am not being the alarmist here but they both are main drivers of our weather patterns. So the world is on fire talk is going to be reduced greatly – just a phase of the our planet and universal dimension we shall be entering. Some liken it to what happened in the 1940-early 1960 time period some are more aggressive with it saying late 1700’s to early 1800’s – YIKES!!!!

Another earthquake – Italy, then Sooner land (my mother could never live here she was and is always late! My grandmother on teh othe rhand was always early SHE could easily have lived here!)  had one and now New Zealand with another strong 7.4. Pay attention to teh signals peeps, mother earth is trying to tell us we are changing next up are teh volcanoes – she is priming us for something BIG to happen in the near future (relative terms but in teh context of the planet it could be a millennium HAHAHA!!)

Lastly, a YUGGGEEE thank you to our veterans in which we celebrated this past Friday. Your dedication to this great country we call America is not forgotten and will never be. You have sacrificed for our freedoms that we sometimes take for granted. Many sadly have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. To those who have served and are serving now God Bless you and thank you. To my uncles who served in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam (one did all THREE!!!!!) thank you even though you are no longer with us today. To my friend Bill who just came back after his 3rd, yes that’s right 3rd tour overseas – middle east –  WELCOME HOME and thank you. Yur family sure missed you but are glad to have you back.

Updates to come.


Al Mugno
By Al Mugno November 13, 2016 09:10

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