Taborasurus and T-REX coming to a town!!!!!!!!!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno July 8, 2015 21:16



AS I stated a while ago, June 19th post that we are in this pattern where we will have increased potential for T-REX and the big cousin TABORASURUS coming to town tomorrow. Good T-REX  storms today – thunder no real lightening but heavy downpours more like a junior t-rex not a full fledged one. Recorded just under a half inch of rain – .42″ to be exact with rumbles of thunder.


For tomorrow RGEM and NAM HIRES are saying from mid HV to CNJ we will see strong to severe thunderstorms and there maybe yes maybe some tormatic (tornadoes) activity in some. Looks to take place from the evening hours around 7PM until about 11PM. Take a lookee see:

RGEM – wow look at that line of T-REX and his cous Tabor in Easter PA






We have high humidity and dew points with temps in the 80’s that will make it feel tropical tomorrow and the humidity will hang around for the remainder of the summer – only kidding but it may since El Nino is rearing as the PAC waters are warming considerably now from the latest. Weekend looks to be great with three, yes count them 3 full days of sun and humidity – not as bad as we have had conditions!


HCane (hurricane) and Trop Season is dead thanks to Mr. Nino – everything getting sheared apart right now in the tropics. Still early in the season.


Be ready fir torrential rains with flooding (flash type), hail, gusty winds, some straight line 40-70mph, cloud to ground lightening, and possible tornadoes. If there is a tornado and the EAS system is activated and you hear sirens go off, hear it on the radio or your tv goes orange with a message, seek shelter in a basement in a building or home, if on land lye face down in a low lying area or ditch, if driving make sure the twister is moving left or right (if not moving at all it coming straight at you!!!!!).

Have a great night and updates to come.


Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno July 8, 2015 21:16
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