TCB !!!Tranquil and the Change is a comin’!!!!!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno November 5, 2016 15:24


TCB = TURN THE CLOCKS BACK – We gain an extra hour sleep – woop woop and now I can follow the weather models better since they will run at 11PM instead of 12 AM! Also, longer nights and moving to the shortest day of the year peeps Dec 21st.

I made a bone head move and left my outlook to work on on my work server – UGGGHHHHH!! So, needles to say this will be delayed but not DENIED!!

Tranquil weather incoming no storms which is unusual for this time of year. Above normal temps will prevail the next few days – Mon through Wed  a front moves through and bring some showers into the area

As I wrote back in the end of October 26th post

“As I explained to my Weather Club of high school students, this could be a major wildcard for this upcoming winter. Not to get to technical but it has been forecasted to split by the end of next week. It usually takes about 2 weeks for this to have effects on out weather here in the Mid Atlantic/Northeast. Time check: Oct 26 – End of next Week about Nov. 3 about two weeks brings us to mid-November WHICH is when I said in my last post I see the flip to the winter type of weather. Joe bastardy is calling for November 10th – he and I are genius if this occurs – HAHAHAHAHA!!”

Now it will not be exactly the 10th or will it? The models are showing that once that cold front swings through we get colder and next weekend  we can see see high in the lower to mid 40’s with low temps in the low 30’s to possibly upper 20’s . It will be transient in nature since the cold pool source of cold air in Canada is rather warm for there but below normal for here. Anyway, it will reverse up there too in the longer term.  Look who’s back????






The snowpack for Siberia and Eurasia is presently off the charts YUGGGEE!

What is happening – all of the latent heat from this past Super Nino from the Pacific Ocean has been transferred/released north into the Arctic and since it is very warm or above normal up there temps are not 40 degrees as some would think but rather -10 degrees below F instead of -20 F – still frickin’ cold in my book NO??

So we have all this heat which is causing a weakening and a splitting of the Polar Vortex. IF this continues through our winter which all indicators are pointing to then we we may have some very cold arctic blasts from Dec through early Feb.

LES – Lake Effect Snow will be cranking next weekend – this could be a historic season for this region – why the Great Lakes are way above normal which equals to white cold once the cold air runs over it. You heard it here first.

Updates to come and my winter outlook will not be out till next weekend now, my apologies to my weenies!


Al Mugno
By Al Mugno November 5, 2016 15:24

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