Al Mugno
By Al Mugno May 8, 2015 12:49


Well the pattern has definitely made the change from Barrow, Alaska to San Diego, California. I know, I know no kidding but as I said in my last post that somewhere around the 10th we would make the change and it happened a bit sooner pattern wise, more like the 6th. Anyway, this warm (not hot) , dry, and relative un-humid weather looks to continue for a good week going forward although Tuesday looks to be reaching 90 and humid but only for a day. We have a massive High Pressure system in control. At this time of year the inland areas away from the coast jackpot temps wise as the coast stays cooler some by 10-15 degrees due to the cold waters of the Atlantic. Also, you will find a lot of fog along the coastal regions and water ways due to this great temperature difference.

This weekend looks to be great inland again as you go towards the water temps decline and fog/misty conditions occur.

Saturday Temps



Close up view


Again look at the temps along the coast low 60’s  but inland upper 70’s to 80’s. Beat’s the hell out of this time two months ago right? We take what we get and we do not get upset – this is from my boys kindergarten teacher Lauren Lio – a tremendous teacher and person on this Friday of Teacher Appreciation Week!! By the way who was your favorite teacher? Who influenced you the most? Who do you remember and what is it you remember them for? Who was tough but you learned? Who was a jerk and wish you never had them? Hey, there is a bad apple in every bushel we are all not perfect so get over it and use it as a life lesson or else you learned zilch!

Okay, so Mom’s Day looks to be possible foggy, misty in the morning in the area how far inland is a toss up – like that salad we just had at lunch – Jamie not 1 or 2 you bbuster! Then we clear out, burn off the fog and it is a great day with sunshine and temps in the low 80’s. Peeps, you know how we ran -9 below normal for Feb well Moma – the BIG MOMA – NATURE is going to make up for it now. We are +7-8 degrees above normal for May so far.


So, to all the Mother’s I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day and that you enjoy the time with your families and friends this weekend. Remember all those mothers, grandmother’s great grandmothers who have passed but their unselfishness, unending love, care and support of us in so many ways. Without these beautiful people whether we knew them or not are the corner stone in each and every family. God Blees them all for al they have given and this is yuor day so enjoy it and Moma N is giving you the beauty of a sunny warm day.

Mr. Nino update

He is taking a page from Bonds, Sosa and Aroid (Alex Rodriguez) – why you ask. We have not seen the likes of  nino forecasted as such since…………………..Me, Al Q was in the 7th grade 82-83 – screeeechhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! IF this comes to fruition we have this………………….


Who remeemebr this guy above?? SNL back in the 1970’s baby!

That is a below normal summer by about 2-3 degrees and wet – like babies diaper after he/she wakes up in the morning or when you drink to much and hold it until you get home from the bar/club – come on you know you have done this once maybe twice – especially the ladies.


IF and a big IF this were to occur we have no winter in 15-16 – mild winter and those of you rejoicing I will have to give you one like this

DO not tempt me. This is along way off but the waters off the equatorial region looks to be hot tub warm – look at the brown elongated spot – that is a big MADONNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peeps, the tropics I believe will be flat or below average this year – especially if we get a super nino forming it maybe non existent to a degree.

Hurricane season starts June 1st and we already have a sub tropical system off the Carolina coast that formed and her name………………….. Ana


My prediction will be out in about one week after i divulge some more research.


Have a great weekend. Take a minute to reach out to that teacher who had a positive impact on you and let them know but most of all let Mom. Grandma, Great Grandma and your wife know how much you appreciate them.


Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno May 8, 2015 12:49
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