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By Al Mugno August 19, 2016 08:47


My sincere apologies to my beloved faithful weather weenies for the issue with all the Spam you were receiving yesterday. My webmaster, who is also a big follower of mine, installed an update that somehow disabled my Spam filter. You have to love technology for all that it offers but in this case we really don’t love it. I was with him last night and he took care of this issue. So again, my sincere apologies for this and there should be no more Spam issues from this update or me – never going to say never here peeps because that usually means it will happen!

No back to the why you subscribe and follow me for – this magnificent unpredictable phenomenon we call the weather:

We recorded the Hottest July15th to August 15th time frame as the great legendary Pearl River Phys Ed Teacher (not a legend for this) and Football/Soccer (what a combo like Yin and Yang), Baseball coach would emphatically say……………….EVVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!  Buster Poindexter FTW!!! HEAT MISER was doing his dance too.


90 plus Degree Days 2016:

PHILLY: 33 (Apr: 0  ; May:  3; Jun: 5 ; Jul: 16 ; Aug: 9 ; Sep:
NEWARK: 30 (Apr: 0  ; May: 3 ; Jun: 3 ; Jul: 16; Aug: 8 ; Sep: 
TRETON: 27 (Apr: 0  ; May: 2  ; Jun: 4; Jul: 13; Aug: 8 ; Sep:
LGA: 26 (Apr: 0 ; May: 3 ; Jun: 1; Jul : 15;  Aug: 7 ; Sep:
ATLANTIC CITY: 24 (Apr: 0 ; May: 1 ; Jun: 4  ; Jul: 12; Aug: 7; Sep:
TETERBORO: 26 (Apr: 0 ; May: 4  ; Jun : ; Jul: 15; Aug: 7; Sep: 
NYC: 17  (Apr: 0 ; May: 2  ; Jun: ; Jul: 10; Aug: 5; Sep:
JFK: 12 (Apr: 0 ; May: 0  ; Jun:1 ; Jul: 7 ; Aug: 4; Sep:
New Brunswick: 31 (Apr: 0 ; May: 4  ; Jun: 3; Jul: 16 ; Aug: 8; Sep:

89 Degree Days:

TEB: 4
TTN: 3
PHL:  6
New Brunswick: 2
EWR: 3
NYC: 3
ACY: 3
JFK: 1
LGA: 5

We will stay in this above Normal temperature regime (sounds like a political institution using the word regime) through oh let’s look into the AL Q crystal ball I have with me here …………..what does that say………Late September/Early October! You ask me how can I tell – as the great father from my favorite xmas movie of all time A Christmas Story would say when Ralphy asked his dad about Santa Claus how did he know what to bring he would loudly say “Ralphy Santa knows,  he ALWAYYYSSS KNOWSSSS!! Well, just having some fun here but the evidence is clear and I have the information to prove it – has anyone been to the Jersey shore in the last few weeks?

The reference I have been making to Western Atlantic – the HOTLANTIC!! Here is a comparison for ya – Key Biscayne Florida is 85* – warm right. Guess what Chesapeake Bay is?? 84* Sandy Hook NJ is registering 83/84* – so how does this make our early fall warm? Well the Bermuda High will still be present and pumping in a clockwise direction that will bring the winds from the South, Southeast and or Southwest directions – the water is so Abby Normal (one of the funniest scenes in a movie – Young Frankensteeeeen!) 3-5* above normal, that all this latent heat will rise up from the waters as the cooler air passes over it and you get the rest – just don’t take out the window or cover up the central air unit yet – we are going to need them along the Eastern Seaboard for a good month plus okay. There will be some cooler shots due to the natural occurrence from nights getting longer – less solar heating of this beautiful space ship we call Earth (question to ponder who gave it this name, Earth??) and the colder Polar Jet that naturally starts its migration south with da byrdds!

H’cane Season – Buckle up Chappies

My last post talked about how the MDR (main development region) was not conducive for cyclone development

– well it really is not – lots of dry air and instability with some shearing (this blows off or inhibits the thunderstorm like clouds in the cyclone to form or shear off their tops – the higher they grow the stronger they become. In my simplistic explanation it is a T-Rex party that is circulating around a pit full of sheep for them to eat. So why are they developing – one prime season, two there are many low pressure waves/storms coming off the North African continent, see all teh blue and green – that is low pressure systems or waves


three the region off this land mass is good for cyclone development until it reaches about 500 miles off the coast and then it runs it an unfavorable air mass – you know wah wah Debbie Downer. BUT if it can make it through this and shrug her off as it gets to the Western Atlantic it will find comfort and be able to strengthen back into the T-REX beast or even Tarbosaurus it always wanted to become. My namesake Albertosaurus was a close relative of T-Rex but not as vicious from the first-hand account I have read (hahaha).

Shrek’s girlfriend is most likely going to be a fish storm – Fiona that is. There was some hinting at it chugging to the coast but it is going to get trapped under the BH and churn up the seas, may it come towards the coast – possibility but very slim at this stage. SHew will pave the way for the next set of storms – need someone to lead the charge.

BUTTT – if you read above we have multiple chances between now and say mid-September (at this stage – don’t nail me to cross if one comes our way on say Sept 26 or Oct 10 now I am not going that far out) for a tropical system to possible affect our area and more so the East Coast has an even greater chance as a whole to get a direct hit. BTW, the Euro is king on tropical systems – from 20* parallel on south this model rules – just the physics of the calculations it has been programmed with – unlike my recent website update!!

Let’s look at the weather eye candy will ya. Major H’cane YIKES!!

Chant like in Animal House (Movie) – OMEGA……. OMEGA…. OMEGA – this is a type of block that is comes to fruition ala Sandy !!


IF this were to happen then peeps in the shore communities would after seeing this be saying:

Spam is fixed, above normal temps as we move forward with chances for t-storms and h’cane season is heating up – oh and only one two three days left to the greatest season for us weenies – WINTER!! Remember this phrase Modoki – thi will be used for the La Nina albeit weak coming up. Last Modoki winter set ups ???

2002,03 & ………………………………1995-96 BOOYAHHHHH!!

Winter weenies can only pray!

Updates to come.

Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno August 19, 2016 08:47

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