Update on Nor’easter – more South than North

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno July 28, 2017 10:00


From last nights post/blog:

“What this will depend on is the position of the High Pressure system that will be setting up shop in the NE – if it sets up in SE Canada then from DC to Poughkeepsie will see 2” plus, if it sets up shop in Albany we including NYC and NNJ will see nada.”

“I know I know give me a forecast here Al Q – for now I would 1-2” for NNJ and NYC Metro with 2-5” for LI, CNJ and SNJ with wind gusts in the E, NE direction and 20-40mph range. Maybe higher gusts right along teh coast to 50mph+!”

The HP and Greenland Block are going to be stronger than originally modeled (they are ALWAYS teasing us!). The Hp will sety up shop in the North Country of NY State

NYC & NNJ will see about .25″ of wetness tonight through tomorrow morning, as you move further south CNJ will see .5 -1″ windy and rainy and SNJ will see 2″ plus. Clearing tomorrow evening/night.

If this were winter we’d have gone from as winter storm watch to a dusting – hmm sounds like some winter storms and blizzards we have had recently. We went from a driving soaking possibly flooding wind driven rain of 2″ plus for our area for today into tomorrow to a rainy breezy, day. Oh well.


Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno July 28, 2017 10:00

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