WE ARE……….LGR!!!, 1976, Wetness, Early May Heat??, Nino

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno April 23, 2017 21:02


After a hiatus by Al Q – ehh not much going on in the weather world of importance that would have an effect on people’s lives peeps so we take the much needed break and recharge the batteries!

WE ARE……..

Well, after years of hard working and vrigorous academic classes my eldest son has made it ofical on this day and has committed to WE ARE!! Those who are college followers knows what this is if not here it is!!!


Now my wife and I for our future vacations will be



YUGGGGGGE WIN in game six to clinch the first round playoff win against the Habs.

Now we move onto play another Canadian team the Ottawa Senators – interesting name for a team – are they responsible for the clusterlog of garbage in our US  Congress?? My boys Lynch, 516, Cerelli, Tralongo, Bailey, Lenzi, Roger and Q – blue shirt faithful along with my family. Destination Silver baby!!!


In 1976 at this time of year end of April we had a massive heat wave that recorded 90 temp on the east coast and into the north east cities whilst El Paso Texarse had 2″ of white gold – WTH??? How crazy is that. Well we may have the same type of pattern setting up at the end of this week with snow into the Western Rockies and heat along the coast. Going to be interesting for sure.


All models now agreeing there will be a heavy band that comes up off the Atlantic that would most likely jackpot the NYC area. the Canadian has had this for several days now and has now gained the support of the rest of model guidance. I think places that see this band are likely to total 2-3 inches of rain out of this even Perhaps Isolated 4+ elsewhere a general 1-2 inches is on the way.


Good thing I put me fertilizer and seed down today – going to soak this up baby!!


Mine was on this morning as it was this past week but it looks like we could have a heat wave well not offical but an unofficial one next weekend/ early May. The sun is the culprit on this one so read below but models are saying 85* plus – open up the pool and beaches………….. watcha!



There is talk of a new El Nino looking to form over the late spring through next winter – heck it is only 8 months away LOL!! It looks to be weak which would be good for us snow weenies. LOTS of time and look at this comparison of the massive Nino we just had and the incoming one:

Water is A LOT cooler for this next one!!


The heavy Yellow line is the average of these dynamic models and it show a weak nino that is 1* C above normal – not much but enough for this guy!


NOAA says it is weaker than this – HMMMMMM.

If we get a Modoki Nino in a weak state that watch out come winter if it serves. The waters on teh Indian Ocean have cooled greatly and this will also aid in the cooling of the Nino.


Lastly why will it get so warm at weeks end? Anyone? Cause it is the middle of spring and we are due Al Q??? NOPE!! Because the sun has a very large Coronal Hole ejecting huge amounts of energy at us here on earth on – read this:

POTENT CORONAL HOLE TURNS TOWARD EARTH: A large hole in the sun’s atmosphere is turning toward Earth, and it is spewing a stream of fast-moving solar wind toward our planet. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed the giant fissure on April 21st:

This is a “coronal hole” (CH) — a vast region where the sun’s magnetic field opens up and allows solar wind to escape. Gaseous material flowing from this coronal hole is expected to reach our planet on April 23rd or 24th and could spark moderately-strong G2-class geomagnetic storms.

The effects on our weather takes about a week to at times (7-10 days) to have an effect on our weather patterns.

Have a great night and updates coming forth.




Al Mugno
By Al Mugno April 23, 2017 21:02

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