Where’s the SNOW?? Tomorrow & NYD? Warm up then da Hammer!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno December 29, 2016 15:51


Where’s the SNOW?

The storm totally went warm at the surface and at the mid-levels of the atmosphere. So the snow and cold was confined to areas way North and West and my prediction busted – sorry snow lovers and winter weenies I have let you down. EPA and Norther Orange OCUnty Ny and Ulster counties are picking up 4″ plus. Just was off by a good 50-60 miles – minute in the grand scheme of this storm. Snow lovers again will be rejoicing and kissing the Big AL Q(again only the females for the smoochies please)!!




Also, my son suffered a hip injury – fluke injury – while in the pre-game of his hockey game Friday night. We had x-rays and an MRI to find out what was what – tore the muscle of the hip bone.

So I have been a bit busy these last 4 days running from the trainer at PV (Big shout out to Bill – excellent job) and the school orthopedic a bigger shout out to DR. Trokhan who met us at the school on his day off and made all the necessary phone calls to expedite this whole process and met us after his morning surgery schedule to go over the results and explain the injury and healing process!)


Tomorrow and NYD?

We can see some snow squalls and flurries each with maybe a coating possible in some areas Tempos will crash tonight and will start to rise New Year’s day to the low-40s and then we can see another 2 -3 day warm up from Jan 2-4 with rainstorm – I know on the 3rd as a storm cuts to our west again. Listen I hate this as much as the next winter weather weenie but I can’t make it snow even though I would every Sunday and Thursday night!!



Da Hammer!!

Thursday we will see temps crash and that will last through the following week till the 13-14th possibly longer if we get the feedback atmospherically from the Pacific Pole ward Ridge over Alaska and the Greenland block that looks to form for a short while over well Greenland. Temps will be much below and very cold during this stretch.





High Fri – 30 – 33 degrees


LOWS – MID 20’s


Now the good news is the cold won’t go to waste as we are seeing being modeled now and the time frame to watch for some white gold is Jan 7th through the 14th. The set up now which is 8 days away is literally 2010-11 replay where we will have a huge pattern set up for set snow.  I am hoping that this storm come sin Sunday into Monday instead of Friday into Saturday.

THIS IS A SEXY LOOK FOR US COLD AND SNOW LOVERS!! Barney on both sides of the NA continent are what awe call blocks – Atlantic side slows down teh pattern for bigger storms to produce longer lasting and the purple of Alaska allows cold air to be pushed in the Eastern third of the US

JUST for entertainment purposes IF it all comes together – IFFFFFF!!




So Happy New Year to you all and may 2017 bring you good fortune, health and happiness!!


Updates to come


Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno December 29, 2016 15:51

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