Wintry Pattern Upcoming – VORT MADNESS!!!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno January 29, 2017 15:09


Recap Major Nor’easter:

We had 2.5” of rain in NNJ some saw over 3” in some parts

Winds capped out at 37 mph gusts – made trop face gusts but not near the 50-55mph gusts I and many others were calling for in NNJ. Now NYC had 51 mph gusts and Newark had 47 mph so was not off there. At 8PM that night I saw the latest soundings and on one of my forums we knew that winds due to what is called an inversion would prevent the winds from mixing down to the earth’s surface. Thus we had meh winds and power outages were rather scattered for NNJ. Now LI and Jersey shore was more of course. Also, we had moderate coastal flooding with tides 3′ above normal and moderate beach erosion.

We did have a coating of sleet here in NE NJ and NW NJ regions picked up 3-4” of sleet and about an inch of snow between Monday night and Tuesday night.


Again if this Nor’easter was SNOW we would have had 24-36” plus from Philly to Bastaan – would have been a massive crippling blizzard that would have literally pulled down very cold air behind it making the snow like a glacier! (Only one can dream!!)

Now for Sunday through Mid Feb/Possibly into March – multiple and I mean 1993-94 style multiple snow chances of all kinds – light to heavy!

Snow showers flurries later today/Sunday as we has Friday and today (4x by me Yipppeeeee!!)

Monday we may see some snow showers/flurries again BUT if what is called inverted trough can jog 75 -100 miles North NYC LI and NNJ could see a few inches of white gold. These are very difficult to predict and latest models show this storm or feature setting up show over Ocean County –frig the south they have been the jackpot zone the last 11 years down there and they’ll cry we don’t want the snow – then send it up here to me you ……………….. moving on.

Tonight into tomorrow – UGGHHH so close!!

Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize

Tuesday into Wed. – we have one of my name sake storms – well close, my female partner in name – an Alberta clipper will be swinging down from Alberta (OH) CANADA! and may lay a coating to a couple of inches to a few if all goes well.

Courtesy of

Light snow that could bring us a couple of inces



The ratio will be 15:1 and possibly 20:1 which could give us 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

Then we may see for the third time in four years everyone will over a snowstorm for when??? Buehler? Frye? STUPID (SUPER) BOWL SUNDAY into MONDAY HOLY GOD THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Yes, to my weather weenies, it was four years ago that I lay or sit in my recliner with the flu that a student gave me – how do I know? That story is for another day!  At that time I called for a snowstorm of 4-8” for the NYC Metro area when the Super Bowl was being played at Giants Stadium. I received this forecast from an old wise and superb pro met Jim Witt at our annual winter forecast/prediction workshop/presentation I attended. When I made this call on a Thursday afternoon to my faithful followers I had the responses of it is going to be 50* what are you talking about? Mugs are you suffering hallucinations from the high fever? They said there is no snow at all in the forecast. I said be patient and LISTEN to me! On Friday morning the pro mets put a chance of snow at night into Monday. HMMMMM. Then I made the bold and brash call – NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY you can book it. Kuz emailed me and said really are you kiddin? I said in large letters BOOOOOKKKK ITTTT! Guess what peeps – we had 7” of white gold and no school!

This is what could be for SUN into MON love teh color purple but like Green better on this snow map!!

Stay tuned because this may be the call at the end of this week too!

1993-94 WTR?? = Why the reference? Cause from this week through mid to possible early March we may have snow chances/storms every 2-3 days – What the blasphemy?? It is just like we had in the great winter of 1993-94 for mid-Jan through mid-March back then. We are starting to see to a block being formed over the Alaska region which will help pump the heights along the west coast which will cause a roller coaster type pattern that will allow storms to come up the coast. Not all may give us direct hits but once we lay down white gold it shall come.


After that it seems like the 8-10th and 11th -13th time frames as well we may see snow chances. We are calling this vort madness.

In a nutshell it is going to feel very wintry over the next two weeks possibly longer.


Updates to come.


Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno January 29, 2017 15:09

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