BP = HOT HOT HOT, Back to Normal to Below for next week through Memorial Day – ARRGGHH!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno May 18, 2017 20:26


BP = Buster Poindexter – remember this guy??

HOT HOT HOT – this guy Buster is a visiting. Boy did we bust the record highs these last two days. Felt more like mid-July than mid-May!! We set an all-time record high for the month of May at LaGuardia Airport – they hit 97*!!! MADONNEEEE worthy there! This map looks more like July than May YIKKES!

Say it ain’t so – WTH??

Well, it isn’t going to last and I wrote that back in early May that it would below normal through mid-month and that it would probably last – one post was it would break mid-month and then another a few days later I said it would actually last through the end part of May. Well, they are both right we broke the cold pattern this week but it will be brought back as we had earlier in the month. Not as cold please so do fret be a good five to maybe seven degrees below our normal temps of the mid 70’s for this time of year.

Trough in the east with the blue colors on the map = cool, wet conditions.




For you snow geese out there – checkout Colorado just west of Denver:

SOME AREAS ARE TO SEE 2-3′ in the mountains and one area 4′!!!

My hurricane outlook will be posted in the next week – could be an interesting season ahead. We have not had a major Category 3 or greater hit the US since Katrina and Wilma in the 2005 summer. I think from the pattern set up we may see one this one and just escaped one last year – Matthew!

Friday will feel like August, this weekend September and next week late September possibly early October into Memorial Day weekend.


Al Mugno
By Al Mugno May 18, 2017 20:26

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