Chilly Night, Coastal then Cutter – STJ and Winter Forecast being released ……….

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno November 8, 2015 17:53



The Indians were dancing this week and it was not the war path either! It was for warm temp and like i said in my Oct 29th post that this would occur – 4 straight days of 70* plus temps – momma mia – all good because this is a typical  el nino fall like pattern. Not as dry and one would say but warm temps. Do not go out and think well where is winter? If you have any faith in me it will come not tomorrow or the next day or the next month possibly but in 2016 you will be saying OH BOY  CURSE YOU WINTER!!

We return to more normal and above normal temps moving forward this week and a change to chilly/cold weather next weekend. The model are struggling beyond that point to forecast what will happen pattern wise. Some are suggesting colder stormier regime, others say normal temps to normal precipitation. When the atmosphere is changing like it does this time of year it is a waiting game. The great Joe Bastardi believes a change in the pattern is coming the next couple weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

Okay Tuesday’s coastal – coming out of nowhere – this again is from nino – STJ (Sub Tropical Jet pumping. We could see 1/2 -1″ of rain as per the models with some winds.


Then later this week we could see a cutter as a storm ejects out of Mexico and “cuts” to our west – all rain here folks.


This is for next week Nov 18th – could we be seeing 2009-10 set up with Wednesday storms:


This could be interesting for the interior.


More updates to come as well as my much anticipated Winter Outlook – woop woop!!


Al Q




Al Mugno
By Al Mugno November 8, 2015 17:53
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