HAPPY WINTER!!! White XMASS? Heat Miser and Snow fight it out next week!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno December 21, 2016 21:29


HAPPY WINTER came in at 5:44AM and the temp was 19* – WINTER IS HERE!!– TIS THE SEASON in more ways than now!!

Here was the call from Thursday and Friday for Saturday snowstorm – 1st area wide plow able snowfall:

In a nutshell we have a snowstorm moving in around midnightish and lasting through midday tomorrow:

Snowfall 4-6” NNJ, LHV and NW NJ 4-7”, NYC Metro 2-4” and LI same

Ice Ice baby – say what? Yup we will transition over to ice around 10amish and we could see .25” of ice which will cause a very dangerous situation if it does indeed happen. If we do not flip due to what is called a Meoscale Low pressure system that will form South of LI THEN we will have more snow or the upper end of the range.


Well, I measured 3.5” of white gold and .4” of sleet and .10 of freezing rain so I received the ultimate present of 4.10” of frozen precip.

For the season I have recorded 4” of white gold and we just started winter!!!!!!!

Never got above 36* Saturday and reached a high of 43* on Sunday – COLD is dominating so far. My prediction is on course for December so far with a Negative 2 degrees overall for the temperature and 5” of snowfall.

Looking forward – temps reach the about 40 -44 degrees for the NNJ, LHV area but 45 -48 in NYC and LI – may even see 50 one of these days.


Now Xmass Eve we could and could see a snow shower or two and possibly xmass morning at this time. City and LI woudl be rain showers.


Need this to move 50 -75 miles SE – could it?? Only time will tell.

We’ll see a brief warm up on Tues and Wed with temps rebounding into the mid 40’s but after that we are seeing the possibility our first SECS winter storm – area wide 4” plus – I say this cause NYC only received about 2” from the last storm. The models are hinting at a cold period the 1st week of Jan and IF they are correct we may have a wintry period setting up.

Warm lovers as I said to a friend at work – you are living in the wrong neck of the woods!!

A BIG SHOUT out to Heather W from LI for being a devout weather disciple of AL Q and his posts.

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT – My money is on Snowy this year!!!




Al Mugno
By Al Mugno December 21, 2016 21:29

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