Katie Perry, HOT HOT HOT, Nina, Solar Minimum!!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno July 18, 2016 10:13

Katie Perry, HOT HOT HOT, Nina, Solar Minimum!!


It has been a while since I last posted and my apologies to my faithful weather weenies. Traveling/vacations can do that to the working class individual. Anyway, if we look at my summer forecast I said as the great Foghorn Leghorn would say:

I say I say boyyyy…..   that in mid-July we would see the heat building with is called Bermuda High expanding and pressing/pushing westward in the Hotlantic Ocean. Ding Ding Ding Ding Dinggggggg!! That is occurring as we speak and folks we have had a semi heat wave but you ain’t seen notin’ yet!!


After a break tomorrow and Wednesday from this heat and humidity we have been experiencing since the 240th anniversary of our great nation we can EXPECT more much more for that matter as we end July and head into August. I think with the warm Atlantic (much above normal – post map) we will have a prolonged, elongated summer into the fall due to what is called feedback. Listen the sun and oceans rule our world, planet or as I like to call it SPACESHIP (Earth)!!! Ponder that one for a few and ask me if you need my clarification to such.

Today T-REX baby  coming to town this afternoon and round two could possibly happen tonight around 9ish – Katie Parry Roaring again. Missed her the other day but last week had some good ones – got to love KP!!


Hurricane season is dead right now and as I said in that long range forecast will not pick up till August mid and then I feel we start to see more activity with Sept through late October being active. East Coast has to watch out cold see a couple of those beasts come our way – IF one makes a turn left ala Sandy then shiver me timbers there will be widespread panic and fear of what could be!

La Nina – the oceans are responding to the high El Niño with a sharp drop off to what is called a La Nina state – this is a state where in the pacific Equatorial Region of the Ocean the water temperature is cooler than normal measure in Celsius – still warm for you and me to swim in but below normal for that region. This massive and I stress massive body of agua helps and is one of the many factors that controls our weather. See teh blue wavy streak in the equatorial pacific?? That is La Nina. Look at the warm water up off the coast of Greenland’s West Shores as the great Ralph Kramden would say

this woudl be ridiculous if it can hold for our winter and give us a good to great block (-NAO)!!!!!!

Sun Spot activity: we are entering into what is called a solar minimum with low to no sun spot activity and flares. Now will this have short term effects on us yes to a degree but more so longer term effects from what I have been reading and researching. That massive ball of fusion called the sun – something we have been pondering to replicate because if we do we revolutionize humanity to a degree – no more fossil fuels, see you later T-REX and Diplodocus. This means there will be much less radiation bombarding our planet, two less heat been absorbed by the oceans and planet overall and three the need to wear more clothes (?). The oceans absorb 10000x more heat than the land and radiate it back longer and greater. This is a cool chart thanks to WxBell!! Maunder Minimum = mini ice age!!

This I feel is why our El Niño’s have been so strong the last few decades going back to early 1980’s when we saw a rise in solar activity. Since we will be reaching a minimum as it is called the effects will be more long range. So the German scientist who called for the mini ice around 2026 is not far off in my estimation so we shall see.

More to come.





Al Mugno
By Al Mugno July 18, 2016 10:13
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