Al Mugno
By Al Mugno March 31, 2015 18:14


Tech problems with the site the past couple days, so sorry for not giving  you the juice.

This maybe some of you – HAHAHAHA!!!! Not you Snow Queen – NEVERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Told ya’ll March would be roaring in the beginning and at the end with moderation in the middle.

Here is a great basketball analogy and another incredible stat for NYC. They recorded a triple double, say what ??

Yes, they recorded three straight months of double digit snowfall amounts – the last time was in the 1930’s and only the 4th time on history, well since 1869 history this has occurred – ummmmmm Global Warming – let’s not start that fight here folks. I am not a believer, a farce and I have enough stats to back up my point. PC thing peeps. Enough of this lets get back to teh weather.

Snow tonight Coating to -2 maybe 3″ on the colder surfaces such as cars tops and deck. Once teh sun goes down around 7PM then we may see it stick to some roads surfaces.

Let me back track here for a moment to Saturday. I know I posted the CMC map last week for this Saturday for snow. Yes it did snow and it would have been a good 1-3″ deal if it came at night or it was early March but the temps and sun angle killed it. Oh and once again LI was the jackpot zone picking up 4-7″ out there. If this were early March they would have had 8-14″!! So the map was off like Juno but called the amounts correctly as far as precip falling, it does not calculate in sun angle and ground temps or solar absorption – come on then it would also clean my house if it could do all that!

Onto Easter weekend.

This maybe Old man Winter’s last Hurrah!! Sunday night into Monday morning, good timing for snow and yes it may just do that for a good few inches plus if it plays out. The barclonic zone – this is where the cold air and warm air like to meet, you know like when you were dating you know who and tried to hide from your parents and friends? If this sets up over NNJ then NYC to Bastan can see a decent snowstorm.

Euro shows it well







SAY IT AIN”T SNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! my brother is to blame in his text back on March 10th – no more snow, nanni nannai poopies!! Guess what big bro, Old man Winter said Fordham University to you!

Spring going forward – pattern change to warmth is going to take time peeps, frigid ocean – crips it is 38* water temperatures  just off the coast and SE Canada has a lot of snow pack as does Maine – Maine what?? Him say correctly Maine! The back door cold fronts will sweep through here each time we start to warm up folks and it looks to last until say early May. I could be wrong but seldom in that department peeps.

More to come.

Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno March 31, 2015 18:14
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