SPRING AHEAD!!!/WARMTH then…………………….

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno March 7, 2015 09:43


Do not forget that it is that time of year when we Spring ahead and lose one hour of sleep tonight at 2AM – time travel you know.  Happens to those who live in Arizona who do not follow DST as well so if you drive to the Hoover Dam  that borders Nevada and Arizona you can go back in time or forward or be in limbo if you stand directly on those states border? Crazy I know, so here are some interesting factoids about DST – thank you Benjamin Franklin. In 1784, at the time when he was Minister to France, Franklin felt it was only natural that when it was dark outside, more people would be sleeping and that extending daytime hours according to season would increase productivity. Germany  and England instituted this during WWI as well to save energy, coal for teh war. Do you remember when it was in April to spring ahead and the last weekend in October to fall back? That sucked! Oh, and the farmers hate it, but then again they have been emasculated by not only society our gov’t to boot!



Anyway, the sun angle is increasing, the days are getting longer, spring is in the air this week with a few days of temps in the 40’s (nights still in the 20’s), the birds chirping –  tweet, tweet, melting,thawing snow, cleaning those winter garments annnnnnnnd (read it fast now)…………..we can expect major snowstorms to end the month………………screeching of tires sound here ……………………………………………then a big loud ………………………….WTF??????  I have not been drinking the Kool Aid here peeps, believe me.

I said in a post for the beginning of the month snowstorm, from this past Sunday 3-1 snowstorm, that March would come in like lion (Katie Perry baby!) and possibly end like one after a thaw, warm up period mid month. Lets enjoy the weather these next few days of sun and normal temperatures to slightly above, low to maybe mid 40’s – may sneak Grant (50 degrees) in there come Wed but it is not likely. Come Thursday we have another cold front sweeping through and the models are showing what is called blocking by mid month. This can lock in the cold air and storms by slowing everything down (what does a yellow light light mean by the Reverend Jim Ignatowski – the TV show Taxi for your enjoyment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HvmtbZzA40).  If it is as strong as being depicted, we have to really watch out here. The pattern gets stormy starting next Saturday and lasts until the end of March. Spring does not look to be here until Easter time peeps.


Time frame for Storms

March 14-29 –  here are the specific time frames

March 14-16

March 15 Storm GFS

March 17-19

GFS March 18th Storm


March 22-24 Surface map not showing the whole truth here but it would be a beast. Just look off the coast.

GFS March 23rd Storm


March 26-29 to come

State of the Snow Pack: 16″ average – almost historical for March

We have 40 straight days of 6″ or more of snow on the ground going back to Jan 24th – 2nd most ever – record is 59 – I do not think we get that but one never knows now, do one!

March will end up with below normal temperatures and above normal precipitation.

Exciting news from NOAA that I know you all have been waiting for, right?(sarcasim here Sheldon) NOAA deemed that we are officially in a weak El Nino weather pattern – YAHHHHHH!! No poop, I said this is December – friggin’ rocket scientists!

This means a cooler and wetter than normal Spring and an above average summer temperature wise – hotter, moister, humid weather – lovely!!

51″ for the year snowfall wise peeps 16″ above our normal average! I will do a recap at the end of March so enjoy the beautiful bright sunshine and spring like temps (that is how it will feel) for the next few days – Sun to Wed. We are not out of the winter tunnel or woods just yet, sorry.


Updates to come.


Al Q






Al Mugno
By Al Mugno March 7, 2015 09:43
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