TC Diez (10), Haa vy, October Air and MW!!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno August 28, 2017 16:29


TC Diez (10) – Tropical Circulation #10

Did I say a close call last blog and NO one I mean NO one in the TV pro Met world has said anything until this afternoon evening. Why? They don’t want to hype it which is understandable but let’s call a donkey a donkey here please.

SNJ and Jersey Coast – Rain about 1-1.5”, Winds 20-35mph, beach erosion and high scurf with dangerous rip currents (I know it is happening already but things to do people to see and places to be okay?) Roughest condition in Ocean, Atlantic and Cape May Counties’. Monmouth eeh and Central to Eastern Long Island.



For NNJ – breezy conditions winds 10-20 mph with about ¼ of rain maybe we can eke out a ½.

Time: Tuesday morning well early morning for SNJ through Tues, Night and then Cyanora (?)

Will it stay South and East and we see little effects – the possibility is there peeps since it is a coastal and these can be a biag to read – you know what I am talkin’ of right? Like that ex we have all experienced at one time or another or will one day?!

Haa vy

My God those poor folks in Texas. He has leveled the barrier islands, flooded the inland and spawn dozens of tornadoes to ass insult to injury. Umm watch gasoline prices peeps why I say – cause ½ of our refining capacity of oil that makes gasoline is in Houston area and they are floating or being buried by feet of water.

Well he is creeping back out over the waters as we speak and will then make a second less destructive landfall in eastern Texas but will bring more flooding rains to east TX and Western La. WE may see his effects later this week like Saturday night – Euro says a rainstorm GFS says a quick system of rain showers. More to come on this.

 October Air

Well you aint seen nuttin yet my fellow weenies. The winter blue has shown up on the maps for this first time since well April!! You think I am nuts I know well we are all a little off in some way – admit it if not you are not real! So we can we expect? End of this week nighttime lows in the hinterland or ruburbs will need heat – WTH x 3?? Yup it will get into the 40’s in NWNJ and EPA and LHV regions – West Milford, Sussex etc. Friday highs in the 60’s – beautiful fall weather LOL!!

Low Temps Thursday NIght

Friday Night YIKES – 30’s popping up

High Temps Friday

The trough is going to hand over the North east through mid-September now from latest model guidance keeping us cool with low humidity.


Mike Wazowski peeps – the Atlantic is percolating and peaking. The east coast WILL have to watch out for a few possible Hcane these upcoming weeks due to many variables 0 MJO phase 2, Steering currents, Big Trough over the Midwest and Higher 500mb heights in SE Canada and a –NAO block due to low solar plus many more. Is your head saying what in tarnizzle is AL Q spewing here?! Well put in plainly we are going to have to watch and wait to see but the EURO is showing some bad scenarios (notice plural) for the East Coast region.

Look at the dots here on this map – east coast trouble and the dots that are red, purple and pinkish mean strong Hurricanes.

Updates to come.


Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno August 28, 2017 16:29

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