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Al Mugno
By Al Mugno August 26, 2017 14:23

From my last post:

HAA VY as they would say in Bed Stye New York (have to say it with hat accent to get the full effect!)

He is going to possibly go down in the record books for the worst flooding by a Hurricane and He may and I feel strongly that he will end the major hurricane drought of making landfall on the US since Wilma in 2005.

WOW look at that EYE!

And he did devastating the barrier islands to the NE of his eye making landfall in Rockport – he went on shore as a CAT 4. Reports from Josh Morgerman the Hcane chaser (if Josh comes to your town expect the worst) at the time of landfall when the eye passed over head as he was hunkered down in a concrete hotel just inland that everyone’s ears popped and some people had a moments of hearing loss!!! That is how much the pressure dropped in the middle of this beast 938mb – hmmm Sandy was this just before landfall!!! Utter devastation and destruction in Rockport and again areas about 15 -18 miles northeast of there – that is where the most intense 130 mph sustained (if you don’t know to put this in reality a sustained wind is one that lasts for 1 full minute 60 seconds with gusts reaching 160mph!) winds were located and the 10-12’ plus storm surge – and folks that is the height from mean high tide levels!! As Americans and more so humans let us pray for these folks cause it ain’t over by any stretch since he is going to loop back around and hit the open waters – crazy I know but this is what the pattern is suggesting and models are showing. This may last through Tues and Wed for some areas like Houston!!!!!! Latest causality report is 8 dead – folks who tried to ride it out – WTH is wrong with people!!! DON’T UNDERSTIMATE THE FURY OF BIG MOMMA SHE WILL AND SHALL ALWAYS WIN – we are not bigger that her and will never be!! /rant

Feet of rain – biblical flooding is happening one area had 16” of rain reported in 12 hours – over half the normal rainfall for the…………………..YEAR!!! heck one man said he saw this going on inland:

Related image

After Haa vy (not Steve!) loops and hits the Gulf IF he gets east of where he went in then he will strengthen to a CAT 1 maybe strong CAT 1 hcane and make a second landfall and then get trapped from the looks in Northern Tex/La and stall out and decay there possibly.

Okay for us, the pattern is pretty ripe for a Trop cyclone to come up the coast peeps and if you have been following my posts I have been harping on this for quite some time. I ain’t the boy who cried wolf now, but a realist who follows and interprets this meteorological information. There will be a trop cyclone forming over the SE in the next 48 -60 hours about and probably around Ga over the Hotlantic. It has the capability of intensifying into a CAT 1 hcane as it makes its way skirting the SE Coastal sections of SC and more so NC. From there some models (GFS, CMC_ have it making it as far North as SNJ with effects being felt as far North as Sandy Hook. The EURO has it going OTS once it hits the Va Capes/ Ocean City Maryland Area. All I am saying is that the possibility exists and don’t be a naysayer (as many where with Sandy!) please just stay tuned and the tv pro mets as they did with Haa vy erred on the caution side when all signs where pointing to a Major Hcane. Coastal peeps just have a plan ready just in case.






Time will tell………..


Oh there is another one that will be heading into the Caribbean.  From Texas through NE we have to be MW!!!

Image result for mike wazowski


Gorgeous stretch of weather no??


Updates to come


Al Q


Models have come into better agreement on the 00z run tonight for
Tuesday and Wednesday, but would like to see this trend continue
another run or two. Models agree that low pressure off the North
Carolina coast strengthens as it moves northeast. Even the 00z/26
CMC has jumped on the bandwagon indicating this storm passes fairly
well south of the 40N/70W benchmark Tuesday night. Will keep in a
slight chance of rain Tuesday and Tuesday night for most of the
area. Swells from the coastal low, coupled with a persistent
flow roughly parallel to Long Island Monday-Wednesday could
result in a high risk of rip currents. This threat will be
highlighted in the HWO. For any potential tropical development
of this system, please refer to NHC outlooks. An upper trough
may trigger a few showers on Wed/Wed night. High temperatures
both days will continue to be below average in the 70s.a
Al Mugno
By Al Mugno August 26, 2017 14:23

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