THOR has lowered his hammer!!! Lull now then round Two?

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno March 5, 2015 14:48

My weather disciples,

WOOP WOOP. Stick it those who dare not follow AL Q and his word.

1-3″ are you fricking kidding me? Lonnie Q and your hair, Janet Huff and your 1990’s dresses and Upton at NWS  – you all blew it!!   And spread the word peeps if you want to be in the know signup for my blog. SOOOO many students and teachers at my school were badgering me about today, I hear 1-3, 2-4 and that 2″ was the most, look outside your windows peeps.

We are in a lull with a lot of dry air that has built i.  I have measured 5″ and some areas have 6″ around me here.  We are starting to see round two building in PA that may bring us a good second round of snow anywhere from 2-4″.  This is like the eye of the storm  in a cyclone, the lull. All is calm before round two starts. Amazing that the moisture stretches along this front all the way to Tennessee – it was Texas last night!

I am not going to lie here, at 2:45 I was awoken by my son talking in his sleep, scared the crap out of me and as a true weenie I looked out the window. I put my spot lights on and my frickin heart sank – no snow, nada, zilch, just wet roads. OMFG this cannot be, so I went to my smartphone, thanks to my wife and children for pushing me to get this wonderful electronic device, and checked in on my two weather boards. Well, the graveyard shift (all night crew) were posting temps where crashing and that by 4AM we can see accumulating snow. I thought  we are going in and then I looked at the composite radar and breathed a sigh of relief as the snow was right on our doorstep. I was awoken to the beautiful voice of our principal at 5:20AM and there you have it – our 3rd snow day!!!

Temps will crash tonight into the low teens here and the morning will be icy – if we get this second round/band of snow and it drops a good 3 or more inches lasting until say 6-7PM we MAY see a delayed in the morning due to the ice conditions of the roads. Euro showed this – we’ll see what happens.

Updates to come.

Al Q


PS – brief warm up and then the wonderful couple of Mr. EPO and Ms. PNA along with tehr good friend MJO look to give one last hurrah around St. Pats (Green Snow??) until the last week of March – just putting it out there peeps.

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno March 5, 2015 14:48
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  1. Kathy Nicita March 5, 17:15

    Hi Al!
    Any chance of a 4 day weekend? Just thought I’d ask..

  2. Al Mugno Author March 5, 21:42


    No problem and thank you for asking. Unless you are in Mon Monmouth County on south. The best we MAY hope for is a delayed opening due to the road conditions. Have a great night.


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