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60’s, 80, Rain, and now for some history

🕔10:25, 24.Feb 2018

Peeps,   Wow Tuesday and Wednesday were amazing! 64* on Tuesday and 80* well 79.7* on Wednesday (* = degrees). Now today it will rain as we approach this evening through tomorrow morning and may linger most of tomorrow –

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Overperformer, Spring this week then we ROARRRRR!

🕔10:43, 18.Feb 2018

Peeps, WOW haven’t had a storm like that in over a month and the most we have gotten since last years blizzard!! Underestimated this bad boy – sorry but in a good way: Bergen County Westwood: 9.2 inches – me

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🕔19:56, 17.Feb 2018

Peeps Nice call eh?? Start time I blew thought about 8PM – actual time was 5:25 here in H’dale. Sorry sucker took the express in. Reports of 7″ in Chester NJ and I have about 4″ here and this statement

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SNS = WSW = PDS, then Spring Like then ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

🕔10:08, 17.Feb 2018

Peeps, First of all a BIG SHOUT out to my boy Quinn (A Quinn, Quinner, Q!)who is as is his office personnel loyal followers of my site here. This is for the amazing work he id in defending the NYC

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Happy V Day, 60’s, Saturday night special, then 60’s possibly 70’s then the ROAR!!!!

🕔16:43, 14.Feb 2018

Peeps, 60’s Okay the miracle is about to happen – no not the frickin’ warmth you numnuts, you can have that and you’ll be crying come March. I’M TALKIN’ the WHITE GOLD!!!!!!!! The snowstorm Saturday night into Sunday morning is

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February lost?

🕔15:18, 11.Feb 2018

Peeps, I wish I had better news to report but things over this weekend went to pot, poop, ugly and no beuno!!!!!!!!! I know some of you maybe saying what but you said that we would have a good/great period

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Closings – N & W yes, the rest ??

🕔19:20, 6.Feb 2018

Peeps, Schools N & West of Bergen County will close – like I said in my post yesterday: Warren, Sussex, Morris, Western Passaic from Wayne North, Rockland, Northern Westchester, Orange and Putnam done deal. North of Paramus roll the dice

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Groundhogs, Snow Tuesday and Wednesday Plus, V Day Red, State of the TPV………

🕔18:01, 5.Feb 2018

Peeps, Sorry I did not give an update on the Sleeper Bowl Storm – not much to update on – good game but can’t really stand either team. Things are going to get interesting in a good, bad way depending

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BUSTED for some area, not pretty…….

🕔10:57, 3.Feb 2018

Peeps, BUSTED for some areas Boy did i bust for the Bergen County Region and Rockland for that matter. I think the combination of the highways and malls heat just put the kibosh on things here LOL! Well, if you

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Surprise, Surprise for Friday Sunrise!!

🕔21:17, 1.Feb 2018

Peeps, As I said in my last post that it would be a race with the cold air for rain to snow and that is the case. Not  the 3-6″ as I said at lunch on Tuesday and the models

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