Catastrophic Hcane?and Insult to Devastation!!!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno September 7, 2017 22:52



Sorry for teh late issue but got home late from my back to school night where I work.


This will save FLA if true – WOW!!! Just came in. Needs support from other models but peeked my interest. Oh the problem would be – she would run the east coast straight into……………………………….NJ and NY!!


Could be an absolute 180 turn of events if the NAM weather model is right. Fla would be spared big time and the National Hurricane Center would not be trusted for a long time down there. Could be a blip BUT as I texted my man Jimbo, Jim Guerci yesterday I said “OH SHT the upper pattern is supporting a coastal run and landfall anywhere from Del bay to New York Central LI”. If this were to happen it woudl come in as a CAT 3 the strongest hcane since teh 1821 GALE and 1812 GALE that directly hit DC and actually helped us in teh WAR of 1812 as it wiped out the British fleet in the Chesapeake and killed hundreds of soldiers. Okay enough of history well not really this would be a Donna path all over again.

I will do an update tomorrow morning on this but the model drastic shift has caught my attention. The GFS showed this outcome 10 days ago as did the CMC models so we shall see.

If she makes the projected path into S FLA then Miami beach and all those barrier islands will be wiped out with 20′ storm surge plus and 175 mph sustained winds. There is a hot line for those who can not evacuate – elderly or do not have enough gas – no water, food or gas to be had from Key West to South Carolina.

The surge would be in height of 20′ plus with 40-55′ waves. Winds would be sustained at 175mph with gusts upwards of 200 mph. her eye wall is 30 miles wide. There will be catastrophic devastation throughout Fla and into Ga and SC.


Jose will be a major hcane that will hit the Leeward Islands and run through Barbuda and Anguilla and then possibly head west. One model has it swinging North and then gets pushed due WNW into teh mid Atlantic. We have to watch.

cone graphic

Updates to come and pray for all those in Fla, Ga and SC they will need it and hopefully the NAM is onto something to spare them if not tehre will be mass devastation.



Al Mugno
By Al Mugno September 7, 2017 22:52

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