Chilly Monday, Wet Stretch then ??????

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno November 27, 2016 15:09


Again I hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey Day – cold yes not quite white as I called but some places had snow on the ground in the area – mainly NW NJ and upper part of the Lower Hudson valley – Putnam, Orange counties.

Monday – dry and chilly highs in the upper 40’s

Morning lows – warm up the car!!

Drought Relief

Tuesday through Thursday

We need rain and it is coming so get out the wet gear peeps cause we can see anywhere from 2-4’maybe 5” for some areas as is being advertised by the models. It will be in the 50 degree range with Wednesday maybe reaching upper 50’s and then on the backside the storm will pull down colder air. WE are in the transition phase in our atmosphere. Asia, yes Asia has been an ice box since early November. Why you ask? The Polar Vortex split and it set up over Siberia and has absolutely pounded them with arctic  cold – how cold how about minus 30/40 degrees- YIKESSSS!!

GFS says 1.5′ plus


WPC says much more


Now we may have what has been called in the old days of weather forecasting the slosh tub effect of what occurs on one side of the globe will slowly make its way to other side in about 6-8 week time frame.  The models have been waffling with this set up and we are still in November so I know you all want the white gold as I do my fellow weenies BUT we must remain patient. One thing is for sure is that we are atmospherically transitioning to the best season of the year – WINTER!!!!!! And we start on Dec 1 Thursday – Meteorological Winter starts this day and runs through March 1.


Asia and Europe cold – this aint cold this is dry ice!!!!!



Here is the projected cold , bitter for the nation’s heartland it will bleed east BUT madonne if this comes to fruition!!!!!


On a personal note, a 55 year old friend who I have know for the better of a decade was called to heaven by God. He passed suddenly Wednesday night from a heartache and left his bride and best friend and two teenage boys whom they adopted, takes a big person to do this. Tom was full of life, loved it to the fullest –  tell jokes, funny sense of humor, wine, cigars, comedy, food, his Red Sox and Patriots -we argued every time we got together over that tuck call – but more so his family. He will be sorely missed by all but will be looking down upon his wife Jo Jo and sons Mack and Dylan.

Updates to come.


Al Q


Al Mugno
By Al Mugno November 27, 2016 15:09

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