CAT 4/5 WAKEEN, Tranquil Week, Fall Change coming, Coastal on Horizon

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno October 3, 2015 17:21


WOW did we dodge a huge bomb – no not bullet. This Hurricane would have made Sandy look like a baby. I ain’t lyin’ here what so everrrrrrrrrrrr!! Take a look at the Phoenix>

He is a Category 4 just 2 mph shy of the strongest hurricane to be in the Atlantic since???? I am at a loss.If he took the track like Sandy he would have annihilated the Jersey Shore, NY Harbor and LI coastline. Flooding would have not been a one in one hundred year it would have been one in a MILLENNIUM!!! And this as he is entering a moderately shearing environment which means he should be weaking. Purely a tempest. Oh what is a Category 4 – well glad you asked:

He would have made land fall as a Category 2 possibly a 3. The destruction would have been unparalleled like we have never seen in modern times in this area from a natural disaster. Double the storm surge due to the topography of our coastline, bays and harbor – yea no kiddin’!! Our barrier islands would have been wiped with the PRE (Pre Rain Event) event we are having since yesterday and that will continue through Monday.

The skies will clear tomorrow by late morning noon time frame but it will still be breezy and raw. The heat is on in my abode as is in many others I can assume. The shore is getting pounded with 20-40mph winds and coastal beach erosion and flooding. Look at this from the web – a house gets carried away by the high tide last night just north of Wildwood on a back bay – NUTS!!!


Now for the rest of the week Tuesday through Fri we remain dry and warm – temps in the upper 60’s to maybe low 70’s.

Next weekend the change is a coming as the cooler and possibly 1st cold shot maybe frost of the year happens. I remember as a kid this always happened around our Columbus Day holiday- ah yes that great explorer Columbus who massacred 10’s of thousands of Islanders in the name of exploration – something I never learned in school but did so some years back.

Then the EURO yes the model that stood its ground and said Wakeen will pay homage to the fish and move OTS along with its inferior  American Model the GFS or as we call it the GooFuS – get that one? – show this for the end of next week. A Nor’easter ………….

And this from the great Joe Bastardi who I might add is a proud member of the USA Wx board I belong to. He knows his stuff, period! He called Joaquin would go OTS Wednesday morning and that it would reach Cat 3 or 4 status – do you see what I mean?

Mr. Nino is barking peeps woof woof woof.

The set up is looking good at this time and my Chia Pet Puppy Rocky is growing – take a look:



I know like a prepubescent teenager!!! It is early and  this month is going to be very important for the cold air source for our upcoming winter we need the ice and snow to grow, like Rocky!!

Look at the ice and snow extent in comparison – last year and this year as we start THE SEASON (Pre Season has ended!!)



2015 now


We are in good shape – made one hell of a come back over the past couple weeks and the forecast looks like for some good healthy growth! Dark Blue line is 2015:


SNOW QUEEN this one is for you: The first wet snow flakes may fly in our area around my sis’s big birthday:



If you have not done so already – get the furnace ready and firewood peeps cause I think we are in a for another interesting and long winter.

I’ll keep you updated


Al Q






Al Mugno
By Al Mugno October 3, 2015 17:21
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