COLD Sunday, then Springish, then………..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno March 21, 2015 13:40


First of all nailed that biatch yesterday and some places got 7-8″ in Central NJ – that is frickin’ nuts and the shore reported 6-7″ – that is on the terms of historic for them this late in the season!

From the great Saturday night skit Mr. Bill from the late  1970’s. Oh Nooooooooooooooooo – Mr. Slugo (Snow).

Well, I recorded 4.5″ of white gold as I call it yesterday to welcome spring. Old Man Winter gave a big Fordham University to Spring!! Schools closed early and allowed for a jump start on spring cleaning, right? NOT! Our season snowfall total is 55″ and this is back to back years of 50″ or more snow. Here is really crazy statistic that we may have a hard time wrapping our heads around:

Wrap your mind around this: The is the 4th time going back to 1869 that CPK has measured over 100″ over two consecutive seasons combined:

1915-16: 50.7″
1916-17: 50.7″
Sum: 101.4″

1947-48: 63.2″
1948-49: 46.6″
Sum: 109.8″

2009-10: 51.4″
2010-11: 61.9″
Sum: 113.3″

2013-14: 57.4″
2014-15: 47.0″
Sum: 104.4″


And here is another stat for you:

Here is an amazing stat for NYC, History is made yet again.

JAN,FEB and March 2015 have all had at least 10 inches of snowfall for each month.

The last time this happened was JAN.FEB.MARCH 1996. That was the most epic winter in recent history!!!

JAN 2015-15.3

FEB 2015-11.9

MARCH 2015-18.6


Say it ain’t snow Al Q !!! Peeps, the great Joe Bastardi has joined a forum I belong to and this is a first as well. He, like most professional mets, do not bother with us amateurs – really! He loves the work and discussions we have and chimed in yesterday saying that something big will happen between this week March 20th and April 6th and then we will flip to a more spring like pattern. Folks, the models are showing two storms one this weekend and another one for April Fools time frame. Coastal storms are looking like the nature of the pattern due to a spike in the PNA (West Coast Ridge)Here we go:




I know please do not shoooooooootttt meeeeeeeee!! I do not make the weather, I just once again report it, interpret it, and keep you ahead of the curve as best as I can.  I ain’t putting up the euro control snow map. I will feel the fire shooting from everyone’s eyes!

Oh, and tomorrow, Sunday March 22nd, it will be cold 30’s and windy – winds out of the north west with a wind chill in the 20’s for NNJ and LHV, sorry – winter like.


Oh, and here is the MJO which is an indicy that tells us about east coast storms when it is in the first or second section – looky see. And no this is not my MOJO – that is off the charts!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!




So enjoy the tranquil spring like weather that is abound this week – mid week may hit mi 50’s if we are lucky.

And watch out for the pot holes – MADONNE they are popping like crazy this month!  I think I saw a Mini coop get swallowed by one – HAHAHA!.


Enough for now and updates are to come.

Al Q

PS – read my winter outlook – I called for 46″+ of snow for our area – can you say BINGO, Hit the bull in his ass with my fiddle?, X marks the spot, Score, Right On, Enough of my gloatin’ for one post

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno March 21, 2015 13:40
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  1. ShelliZ March 21, 14:45

    Id like to see one more upset…

  2. Al Mugno Author March 31, 16:21

    You got it Michigan State and my boy Tom Izzo!!

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