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Al Mugno
By Al Mugno September 4, 2017 18:41


Haa vy

Well he came into town Saturday night and left town yesterday dropping about 1” of rain on us and 1.25” in some other places. Haa vy is history for us know and his name is being retired since he did billions in damage. Now onto Irma

Irma – MADONNE!!

All I can say is HOLY SNIKES!! She is going to be retired when all is said and done. Florida has made a preemptive move by the Governor by declaring 67 county state of emergencies. Some say why so early I say right move. There are million sof people in its path and she WILL strengthen as here projected path is now to go North of Cuba. GOD HELP THE FLA. KEYS AND SOUTHERN FLA as well as the Coast. The projected surge and waves (40- 50’ for Miami) are going to devastate this area. Then she looks to take her party to the Carolinas and from there we have to wait and see. Some projections are up the east coast some are inland. If we get her she will not be in the CAT 3 or 4 realm which is a good, at this point from all model projections. She traveled much further west and will make a sharp right when she is just north of Cuba.
If she goes inland she could bring us winds and rains.



If you know anyone in the Carolina’s on South they NEED to start Hcane preparations. For us up here from VA north get your lists and plan of action ready.

For us – follow the middle line:

As I said to friends and family, put  a list together now and a plan so just in case – 6-7 days away peeps



I love hearing friends say I don’t want that or this shouldn’t happen here well hate to inform you but you have to look at history and realize that we do get Hcanes and these tropical cyclones/storms, though not that often but we have had a few doozies besides Sandy hit us – Irene 2011, Floyd 1999, Gloria 1985, David 1979, Belle 1975(?), (?)1961 almost as bad flooding in lower Manhattan as Sandy, Donna 1955, 1944 direct landfall on Atlantic City 8’ surge, 1935 LI Express, 1903 12’ storm surge, a strong CAT 2 hcane direct hit just south of AC – reshaped this area of SNJ – if this was by today’s standards it would have made Sandy look like a little kid and then 1821 another direct hit on NJ in the Toms River area by all accounts it would have been a CAT 2/3. So you see we do have these storms and they will come and they will be bad so you who build on the shore and such areas have to realize this.

Donna 1955 Path


Oh and what is on her tail – Jose her little brother!!!!!


Anyone notice how gasoline is .30 cents a gallon more than this time last week?? HMMMMM said it was going through the roof. And if anything else occurs between now and October in these Gulf States then forget about it gasoline will go up like the bad arse rapper – Fitty Cent!! (No I do not listen nor did I and I don’t condone this hoodlum’s actions just using him for humor purposes here!)

Wed/Thursday Rain

Peeps after a beautiful day to end summer unofficially and tomorrow we will see much cooler temps and rain Wednesday and Thursday and then we clear out and look to see what Irma is doing.

Updates to come.



Al Mugno
By Al Mugno September 4, 2017 18:41

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