HAPPY BELATED SUMMER, Cindy, Summer heat?

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno June 27, 2017 11:32



First of all HAPPY SUMMER – we made it to the longest day of the year last week in the 21st – now we progressively lose daylight even though we don’t notice it until late July so ehh wth lets not go there right?!!  Summer has been a roller; coaster of sorts so far with t-storms and cool weather and a few hot sultry days back in the middle of the J month (J= June peeps in this write up)

Cindy, you know her from the ol’ Brady Bunch??

Image result for cindy from the brady bunch


Well she is the third Trop Cyclone of the season and things look to be ready to go for this season as we progress from all indicators which are:

La Nada a cool/cold Easter Pacific with no true westerly winds to blow into the Caribbean, Gulf of Mehico and Hotlantic, Saharan Dust less than previous years (shout out to my boy and future mini genius meteorologist Kevin Conrad for this information woot woot!) Lower pressures over the heartland of the North American Continent and a warmer Main Development Region (MDR). So what does this all mean you ask I am sure you are thinking such right? Well it means my h’cane prediction is going to verify unless sum-ting crazy happens over the next 6 weeks which who knows with our world of fluid dynamics (aka Weather)

Yellow colors over the Hotlantic off of a Africa shows this warmth which h’canes need and love to thrive in.

And this just in -from our friends at the NHC (National Huirricane Center)

MDR region peeps!!!

Speaking of t-storms from Cindy – I Know I blew it last post was 2 weeks ago but peeps my son’s graduation and all the wonderful highs school activities that go along with such and the end of the school year well it consumed me and this was put on the side burner – no never the back burner!! She caused a double EF0 torn in Howell – 2 torns reported there and one in Browns Mills NJ – what is this town famous for? No not the crayon color Brown, Simonetti you ………………………….. War of the World’s ring a bell?? See, this is an educational blog as well as a fun weather site LOL!

Browns Mills


HOWELL Torn – https://www.facebook.com/robert.anderton.167/posts/1070929526372284

Summer will come in this weekend and we should have a hot stretch from the 29th ish till the July 12thish time frame as the WAR (Western Atlantic Ridge) expands also known as the Bermuda High. Humid conditions with the threat of t-rex (thunderstorms!)

GFS you suck if this verifies for the 4th!! Non American run here!!


Updates to come.



Al Mugno
By Al Mugno June 27, 2017 11:32

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