Al Mugno
By Al Mugno January 23, 2017 20:07


Nothing good happens between the hours of 11PM and 3AM – this is going to be case in point with this storm. This is when all hell can break loose with this storm.

Well it’s here and has been cranking from about Newark all the way down the coast to Cape May today. This will last through mid am Tuesday morning about 7-8AM and the shore has to brace for 2 more high tides. The storm actually slowed up which is allowing it strengthen and wrap some more cold air into its backside as it starts to move NE.

Not as much up here in NNJ but rain and some wind.

Overnight is trending colder will trend much windier as the storm moves up the coast to about Atlantic City and then starts to move NE from there.


This is a dynamic storm that has a moisture fetch from the Caribbean – Bahama Momma to be exact.



Power outages are still going to be widespread.

PSEG POWER OUTAGE MAPS AND INFO: https://www.pseg.com/home/customer_service/outage_info/index.jsp

JCPL POWER OUTAGE MAPS AND INFO http://outages.firstenergycorp.com/nj.html


NJ Shore: This has over performed already and if this report is true oh snikes big time:

“The inlet was breached earlier at high tide. Mantaloking, lavaleete , and ortley beach flooding from reports. The beaches are in really bad shape water to the dunes.”

Barnegat this morning – holy crap!!


Belmar at the inlet – tonight left tis morning right – HUMINA HUMINA!! The white is ocean that breached over the top of the seawall.

Enlarge this image

Major Beach erosion

Coastal Flooding: Moderate to possibly major coastal flooding with tides 3’ to 5’ above high tide with an easterly then north easterly wind. Worst is high tide Monday & Tuesday Morning. I cringe at what the shore will be like at sunrise peeps.

Winds: 35-45mph sustained (1 minute in duration) gusts over 65mph plus!!

Rain: 2-4”

Snow: Nyet

Power outages: Likely, already 25K lost power


Winds 20-30 sustained, gusts to 50-55 mph plus

Rain 2-3”

Snow and Sleet 2-4” depending on location –  Western Passaic County N & W will see a sleeticane and may see 4” plus

Flooding: Hoboken, Jersey City, Edgewater – all along the Hudson will see storm surge of 2-3’

Move your cars to higher ground!!

HRRRR just came in much colder – SLEET FEST – ALL THE PINK FTW BABY – THAT IS ICE = SLEET!!

Power outages: Likely

NYC Metro/LI

Winds: 25 -35 MPH Sustained, 50 – 60 mph gusts

Rain 2-3”

Snow/Sleet – Trace to 1”

Flooding: Storm surge about 2’ for all tributaries to NY Harbor = Lower Manhattan/Battery

NYC & LI shores – major beach erosion, coastal flooding moderate

Power outages: Likely


Peeps – this is a serious storm and one not to take lightly by any means.

This storm has taken 19 lives in the S/SE so far – god bless their souls and hopefully it will take no more!


School – 50/50 closing/delayed opening – all depends on power issues and if we get the sleet that the HRRR model is showing there will be delayed and closing all over NNJ, LHV and NW NJ!!

LR – winter comes back and it looks like a vengeance for February. Be patient peeps and we can see some white gold as soon as this weekend – hopefully Sunday into Monday!!

I hope for the best for all my fellow weenies tonight. Over and out peeps. For tonight unless sumting wong changes!

Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno January 23, 2017 20:07

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