MARCH MADNESSSS – Windy and Colder for St. Pats then…………SNOW WTH???

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno March 16, 2015 21:03


No updates since Thor cause like I said it would go tranquil and Grant made a few visits surprisingly. I am sure the southerners do not like  that analogy I made but tough toots.  That was s slight glimpse of spring and as I said in the March post that it would be tranquil and a mid month warm up to seasonable to just above seasonal temps – three days above and the others seasonal. The second half I said through early April would be below normal and cold – that is going to happen. We flip pattern wise around the first week of April (later in the week). Spot teams are going to commit Harikari when they see this happening. Oh and Boston set a new all time snowfall record last night 108″ – screw them – I hope Fenway, and the Garden collapse under the snow loads!!

Change gears here, – We are all Irish on St. Paddy’s Day so let’s get out green and wear it in support. Home made Bailey’s made, green bagels on order and my green Irish sweater taken out of the cedar closet ready to be adorned!

Rain showers in the morning and then turning windy and cold – temps crash into the 30’s with wind chills in the 20’s – if going to the NYC parade dress warm like its winter cause…………….it frickin’ still is!!!! For a few more days that is.

All attention turns towards this Friday into Saturday and there after. To my brother who text me last week and in his ball busting way said ” yeah no more snow” he is in for a rude awakening and will be cussing me and every other snow weenie out – to dam bad! We live above the 40N parallel and it can snow here until early April and especially in elevated areas of NNJ, EPA and the LHV.

Here are some maps for this:



ECMWF 3-20



GFS  3-20


Models are saying anywhere from 1-3″ for the city and 3-6″ for the NNJ, EPA and LHV areas. Could be a bigger one next week. Very volatile type of set up when we start to change seasons in the atmosphere warm are to the south trying to build in and cold air just to north saying uhmm not so fast chappy.

At the end of March I will do a review of my winter predictions and grade myself – right now leaning towards a B – back in the day that would be great today a B is look down upon like a D in our day – kids cry, bitch and moan, parents request an inquiry and administrations shun such an idea.

Anyway, just be ready for some more white gold and it isn’t going to be the last before Spring.

Erin Go Braugh (bra less is more like it- HAHAHA!)

Oh, and the brackets for the best tournament are complete field of 64- UK  – winner winner chicken dinner – their 2nd team would start for almost all D1 schools – yeah no shit they are that good. Buffalo makes a surprise upset.

Updates to come.

Al Q


Al Mugno
By Al Mugno March 16, 2015 21:03
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