Spring Saturday, BIG CHANGE, White Gold & Polar Vortex – December to Remember??

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno November 18, 2016 20:32


Okay tranquil week right ? Except for that sneaky coastal Nor’easter that took us all by surprise – could this be an omen for the winter?? Well that movie freaked me out, THE OMEN when I was 8 years old watching it gives me the shivers and speaking of after the spring like day manna (tomorrow) the frickin’ wheels fall of the wagon like the Donner family heading west.


The Nor’easter dropped a much needed 1.54’ of rain up here in NNJ and just 20 miles south of here in Newark received 2.96” WOW!! Temps didn’t get above 47* Tuesday, felt like a true fall November day.

Spring like so get up the Xmas decorations and get what you need to do outside completed casue we may not get another day like until??? I am not kidding, this pattern is reminding me a bit of 93-94 where we flipped to a cold and snowy pattern in December and did not get a reprieve until later January.

WHITE GOLD – yes I have said it and we will see white gold fallin’ from the sky for the second time this fall and this one will be great with gusty winds and snow showers and cold and leaves whippin’ around and AL Q smiling from ear to ear drinkin’ some homemade bailey’s – YUM YUM!!  Okay so what the h is really going to happen? Well a low pressure system and storm is going to bring a blizzard to the upper Midwest and cut through the great lakes where a strong cold front will drape in behind this strong storm. The storm will pull down some colder air – not frigid cause Canada has been on fire this fall BUT once we get this storm to do its dirty work they shall get colder and snowier. The Lake Effect Snows will be roaring (hmmmm who said this would be the case this year?? Yours truly!) These streamers as they are called, not Zungoli not the ones you danced around with in those 1980’s hs days as a cheerleader now, will reach from the Lake Erie all the way to the jersey coast. PENN and NY State can see a few inches of snow.

Checkout these snow maps woop woop!!



Polar Vortex

It is in a weak state and thus is going to do a Simone Biles and split in the next week timeframe. The lag effect will be sometime around Dec 10th. If this positions favoritively then we could have a December to Remember.


Got to love Snoopy peeps !!


The models are suggesting a change to below normal temps with the possibilities of wintry weather but do not fret if we get rain along the coast with these storms it is early still. Monday Nov 28th may be the first true storm we have to watch out for.

MON 28th time frame







Well the changes are a comin and I have been saying this since Oct 20th – a bit behind but my original date was Nov 20th so…..

Update to come.


Al Q

Al Mugno
By Al Mugno November 18, 2016 20:32

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